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  1. I just love the trill of findng it, although I have not found any yet. lol
  2. Geof Yes everyone has been amazing and such great advice!!!!
  3. FredM Thanks! I hear Australia is the best, but too much cash to go there. On my bucket list though. : )
  4. Klunker you are too much! But someday maybe I will take you up on that offer. Would love the drive from Texas to find some gold. I will make sure I have my bear mace! Don't do bears very well...…..eeek lol. All the other critters...…..well that's like being in Texas!
  5. Can anyone recommends any really great gold hunting adventures in the USA? Maybe something like a week guided tour.
  6. Hello! I am somewhat new to metal detecting. I live around the Waco Texas area and Have a creek that runs behind my house that is a deep run off with caliche, quarts veins and lots of iron and pyrite. Have not found any gold yet. Any suggestions. I have a new gpz 7000 that still gives a lot of ground noise which may be due to all the iron????? That may be part of problems. Any suggestions would be helpful : )
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