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  1. Nice find and even a nicer return. Above average efforts paid off. HH jim tn
  2. Welcome! Grand hobby and good insightful forum you've come upon. HH jim tn
  3. Welcome! Been at it since 1972 myself. HH jim tn
  4. Nice hunt! Those Ray Bans definitely make a special one. HH jim tn
  5. Same over her in W Tn, longbow. I believe I heard we had the driest June on record with about 1" of rain early in June and nothing since nor in sight. HH jim tn
  6. Great pics and a wonderful array of finds. Really some neat saves there. HH jim tn
  7. Yeah, you being a local and in the know, dims the chances of them being seeded. Broken roll is possible, but few of us carry around a roll of halves. Stolen and lost would be my next best guess. Probably will not ever know for sure the why and how. HH jim tn
  8. Yeah, I was wondering about Reiver the other day. Was sorry to hear that he had passed. RIP! HH jim tn
  9. Odd, yeah! Maybe some kind of seeded hunt was conducted in that beach area? Fun finds, whatever the reason. HH jim tn
  10. Good on you, smiling young lady and lost funk. Pretty good fathers day I think! HH Jim Tn
  11. About a month ago I had my left eye done and right some years ago. Currently Doc says eye sight is 20/20 and yes, eyeball finds have really picked up. One about a week ago was a $100.00 bill on the edge of a sports field I was detecting. You'll be glad you did it, Dancer. HH jim tn
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