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  1. I'v been chasing old coins for 50 years this past summer and every detector I have owned over the years was a game changer in some respects. Probably, though, for me the Fisher C Z's in the early 90's upped my hunting game the most with their wonderful depth. Then along came the F 75 and it also had very good depth, but with its rapid target response reopened some old trash laden spots and opened others. And most recently, the Minelab Equinox 600 with its multi frequency feature. It also gets excellent depth and performs quite well in harsher ground. HH Jim Tn

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  2. Welcome from your neighbor to the north. Whatever detector you decide upon, one of the keys is spending good quality time with it and learning it well. I swing a Equinox 600 and have no problems recommending it. It is great hunting coins and relic's. Good luck and have fun! HH Jim Tn

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  3. Hey, welcome to a fun and informative forum. Had two stints in Ind back in my working days, one in Lafayette, and the other in Evansville. Youngest son, in fact, was born in Lafayette. Good luck with your gold and silver endeavors. HH Jim Tn

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