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  1. This summer I will have 50 years with this great hobby and with numerous times of encouragement my wife has never shown an interest in taking it up. She is always curious as to what I find, I hunt almost daily, but very seldom takes any serious interest in any of my jewelry finds. Most importantly, however, she has always been (pretty) supportive of my treasure seeking endeavors. HH Jim Tn
  2. Welcome! Bama will be a tad different then Ohio, but you no doubt already know that. pent a good deal of time down around Mobil, back in my working days. Good luck! HH Jim Tn
  3. Back at ya, and to everyone else, Merry Christmas. HH Jim Tn
  4. Like you, many of us have learned the hard way about checking detector, headphones, before leaving the house. Just this week, my buddies wireless headphones wouldn't power up. A quick check at the house would have shown this to be the case. Thanks for posting, a good reminder. HH Jim Tn
  5. I've found 2 pretty hefty chains in the last 5-6 years that were marked 14k Italy, and both were fake. Dang things looked pretty good, too. Better luck next time. HH Jim Tn
  6. Some nice old coins and good job on the 1/3rd of 3 center. Neat that you at least know the date. I recovered half of a half dime a few years ago, but my half was without the date. Nice spot to hunt! HH jim tn
  7. Michael, beautiful country as I recall. Take care! HH Jim Tn
  8. Hi Michael, welcome. What area in northern Mn do you reside? Wife and I grew up in Moorhead, but vacation there annually. I, and 3 grown sons, for a number of years now visit Arnesens's on Lake Of The Woods, the first week of June, walleye fishing. Nice gold and eagle button! iHH jim tn
  9. Nice pile of coins, Dan, and good on the silver. Tom Ca, you must leave a lot of good targets behind if you only dig 6" and deeper targets. HH jim tn
  10. jim tn

    Pinger Here

    You plan on hunting fresh water and sand and almost any detector will work in those conditions, creeks, lakes, etc. I use the Equinox 600 and the Simplex + in those conditions and both work well and are waterproof. I like the Nox over all better as it has a few more features going for it then the Simplex +, but does cost more...but still nicely under your budget. Good luck, HH Jim Tn
  11. Enjoyed the images. My wife is packing as I write this. HH jim tn
  12. That's a nice find, beach or land. Nice condition, too. HH jim tn
  13. I would work that dry sand area a little more with finding a couple of older coins. Good hit on the Franklin. HH Jim tn
  14. Looks like the sleeve on a electric light switch. The notch is where the on/off knob comes through. IMHO anyway. That one has been smashed, they are round. HH jim tn
  15. Welcome! Back in my working days I had a lot of business trips into Charleston. Lovely old and interesting city. HH jim tn
  16. Great button and in very nice shape. Good hit! HH jim tn
  17. I still have the 8000 and the 8500 in my arsenal and enjoy using them both, depending on the situation. I mainly old coin hunt, however, and do like the tones of the 8000 better then of the 8500. I find, though, the 8500 is a bit deeper. Good luck with your quest, Mike. HH jim tn
  18. Hi Anthony...and welcome. I'm pretty new to this forum, too. Love anything shinny myself. HH jim tn
  19. Years ago he was on Findmall I know. HH jim tn
  20. Un-real man, you picked right up where you left off in 2019. Really some nice rings, too. HH jim tn
  21. Hope all is well now. H jim tn
  22. Jerry and I had some great chats mostly about beach hunting with the F 75 when it first came out. Glad to hear he is still doing well. Knowledgable hunter! HH jim tn
  23. 2valen, the Memphis area, Germantown, actually. Thanks for the welcome, everyone. HH jim tn
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