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  1. Hi Mike, and welcome. Right off, I wouldn't suggest doing a lot of experimenting. I don't run an X terra Pro, but you did the right thing right off going with the factory default settings and I would suggest staying with them until you get some good time in with the unit. Listen to the tone differences between various items of trash and coins and simply get real familiar with the unit. If you know of a tot lot hit it early Sat or Sun morning when know one is around and dig/scrape up targets. Typically such a spot will have some varied targets and nice numbers of coins. Good luck, have fun, it's a terrific hobby. HH Jim Tn
  2. Welcome! Great hobby to be part of. HH jim tn
  3. The uniqueness of the piece makes it a great silver recovery. Well done and good pictures. HH jim tn
  4. Good going and a happy ending to a sad loss. HH jim tn
  5. Yeah, that spot appears to be a goodie and definitely has potential. Nice bag of relics. HH jim tn
  6. Nice finds, bummer on the bracelet, but it does look good! HH jim tn
  7. Yeah, I would agree, the tool does seem to do a good job pulling out the pull tabs. I see gold in your future. Looks like you do have a nice target rich area to swing over. Good luck! HH jim tn
  8. Nice find! Been around the block a time or two myself and that's the first 2 finger bar ring I recall ever seeing found. Pretty neat. HH jim tn
  9. serioussam, thanks for posting that info. I had no idea there were POW camps anywhere around up there. I grew up in Mn and my grandfather took me fishing twice out of Kenora. After I retired I started taking my 3 grown sons to Lake Of The Woods and we walleye fish out of Arnesen's on Rocky Point, on the south shore, which is east of Warroad, Mn. Good luck! HH jim tn
  10. Welcome. I am enjoying the heck out of my 900, think you will, too. Good luck! HH jim tn
  11. Welcome and good on you for all the good deals! HH Jim Tn
  12. Welcome! Lotsa good stuff on this forum for anybody that swings a detector and whatever method one chooses for seeking gold. Good luck! HH Jim Tn
  13. Welcome, you still have many good detecting years ahead of you. Get out and enjoy them! HH Jim tn
  14. I'm with midalake, I've found many silver chains, but never a gold one. HH jim tn
  15. That's a nice, neat find with some age it appears. HH jim tn
  16. Welcome! Wife and I grew up in Moorhead, across the river from Fargo. While as you mention, your digging season will be shorter than you are accustomed too, many of the smaller towns, however, still harbor some good older coins. I hit some each summer when my wife and I return for some resort life. Good luck! HH Jim Tn
  17. Like Steve and some stated and alluded too, use common sense. I love old curb strips and hunt them frequently. I hunt those around schools, parks, and old fairgrounds, vacant lots in the older parts of town and apartments in older areas. I try and hit them when little traffic is around, like schools on weekends and holidays. HH Jim Tn
  18. Welcome from Tn. Go through Iowa on our fishing trips up to Mn (home state) annually. Good luck! HH Jim Tn
  19. Welcome! Once you get a couple of hunts under your belt, you might just surprise yourself and find more time to hunt. HH Jim Tn
  20. I didn't have the 6" coil for my 600, but highly suspect the 6" I now have with the 900 would probably struggle on 8-10" deep coins. The 11", however, will go deep. I've dug 2 coins between 10 and 11" with it and they weren't just tic tones, either. The 11" is my depth hunter, although it's darn good in quite heavy trash, and the 6" for heavy trash un-masking. Good luck. HH jim tn
  21. Welcome, once you start this hobby, it is hard to quit. Good luck! HH Jim Tn
  22. Welcome from W Tn. You have a lot of old history to search for in your country. Good luck! HH Jim Tn
  23. jim tn

    Hello From Ga

    Welcome from W Tn. Wife and I get to St Simon's Island a couple times a year. Nice area you live in. HH Jim Tn
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