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  1. I would set down, close my eyes, clear my mind and think about what the last few things I did, and where, before leaving the house. Have you hid the stash before? And if so, where? Quickly placing it elsewhere perhaps isn't to far away from where you initially kept it, just hidden/covered better? Do you remember going to the basement or attic before leaving on vacation? Good luck, sounds like you need all you can get. HH jim tn

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  2. Welcome! You can yet be saved as you are still  looking for your first detector. Might want to consider chess, scrabble, checkers, these are far less addictive endeavors. Good luck, it truly is a great hobby. HH Jim Tn

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  3. I took delivery of my 900 a week ago today and my first hunt with it was last Fri. and I have hunted with it daily since. One site in particular I was noting somewhat bouncy numbers, a park that once was a home site and has quite a bit of iron and gravel areas, and I recall recovering a Merc. dime that sounded rather ratty with numbers bouncing from around 80 to 86. It was 5-6" deep. A silver dime yesterday at 5" pretty much locked on 82 and most clad and cents I've recovered weren't all that bouncy as well. Recovered a 3 clad quarter stack this morning at 4" that was a lock 91-92. Thought I might have a silver quarter. Anyway, thus far for the most part I'm not experiencing the wide range of numbers that some others report. I will be up in Mn all next week and the area we'll be at has 4 bar (F75) ground. That will be a better test as my ground is (F75) 2 bar dirt on the average. Almost all my hunting has been in park 1 with sensitivity 24-26.  HH Jim Tn

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  4. Welcome, Jeff, haven't turf hunted in Fl for about 4-5 years, but the few times I did I went to city parks and schools. Knew/know state parks are off limits, but city parks and schools were ok. I know people hunt inland, so not everywhere is off limits. Might check around and see where the closest metal detecting club is located and attend a meeting. You may not learn anyones secret (good) spot, but you will get a general idea where some hunt other then the beaches. Good luck, this is a great hobby. HH Jim Tn

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