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  1. I haven't been able to get on either for over a year. Apple computer! HH jim tn
  2. After trying numerous ones I ended up liking Grey Ghost's the best....good quality sound and the most comfortable. Black Widow's I felt actually had a bit better sound, but didn't fit me quite as well. HH jim tn
  3. Welcome and thank you! HH Jim Tn
  4. I took delivery of my 900 a week ago today and my first hunt with it was last Fri. and I have hunted with it daily since. One site in particular I was noting somewhat bouncy numbers, a park that once was a home site and has quite a bit of iron and gravel areas, and I recall recovering a Merc. dime that sounded rather ratty with numbers bouncing from around 80 to 86. It was 5-6" deep. A silver dime yesterday at 5" pretty much locked on 82 and most clad and cents I've recovered weren't all that bouncy as well. Recovered a 3 clad quarter stack this morning at 4" that was a lock 91-92. Thought I might have a silver quarter. Anyway, thus far for the most part I'm not experiencing the wide range of numbers that some others report. I will be up in Mn all next week and the area we'll be at has 4 bar (F75) ground. That will be a better test as my ground is (F75) 2 bar dirt on the average. Almost all my hunting has been in park 1 with sensitivity 24-26. HH Jim Tn
  5. Welcome, Jeff, haven't turf hunted in Fl for about 4-5 years, but the few times I did I went to city parks and schools. Knew/know state parks are off limits, but city parks and schools were ok. I know people hunt inland, so not everywhere is off limits. Might check around and see where the closest metal detecting club is located and attend a meeting. You may not learn anyones secret (good) spot, but you will get a general idea where some hunt other then the beaches. Good luck, this is a great hobby. HH Jim Tn
  6. You are not alone, adc, you have idiot company. I just peeled the bubble right off. For my old eyes, however, that film protection is not easy to see. Anyway, all is good. HH Jim Tn
  7. A chess board pawn was my initial thoughts! HH jim tn
  8. Couple of nice looking buttons, good recoveries. HH jim tn
  9. Welcome and good luck with your mining endeavors. HH jim tn
  10. Welcome and good luck. HH Jim Tn
  11. Welcome from Tn. Its all about having fun! HH Jim Tn
  12. Just received a Nox 900 yesterday and noted a small bubble on the screen. Haven't messed with it yet and not too happy about dealing with sending it back, if I do deal with it. HH Jim Tn
  13. Welcome Joe, from your neighbor to the north. Good place to be, we don't talk Vols and Tide football here. 😉 HH Jim Tn
  14. I have the Equinox 600 and just received a 900 and the 600 has been a great detector. I mainly hunt for old coins and in some pretty nasty spots and the 600 had me shaking my head with some of the recoveries I made. 1 such was a 1790 half Reale with a rusty screw in the same hole. SMF is the way to go! HH Jim Tn
  15. I had a A T Pro for a good number of years. Good detector, but not a depth demon and does not have the recovery speed as does most of the smf detectors available today nor is it as good in harsher more mineralized ground. And, there are some smf detectors that sell for the same and less then the A T Pro. Good luck and have fun with whatever you swing. HH Jim Tn
  16. Yeah, you have a fun spot. Good digging, some nice old stuff in general. HH Jim Tn
  17. 5 oldies is not a bad crawl at all. Nice going! HH Jim TRn
  18. "Screw up," yeah you did! HH Jim Tn
  19. Welcome from Tn! Oh, I might be a little saner then a certain someone from Maine, too. But that's just a guess on my part. Good luck! HH Jim Tn
  20. Nice finds, any hunt that produces silver is a good hunt. Good luck next outing! HH Jim Tn
  21. Welcome aboard from a born and raised, wife too, fellow from the golden gopher state. Still get back up there every summer for some walleye fishing. Great hobby we belong too. HH Jim Tn
  22. Good going! A 2 silver hole is always kind of special, but one with a Walker half is even more so. HH Jim Tn
  23. Welcome from Tennessee. You have a dandy detector arsenal and happy hunting to you. HH jim tn
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