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  1. Awesome finds. What do you do with a chain like that before you lose it , I wonder?
  2. Clive, I have all three of these. I'm an RF engineer who hasn't had my hands on a detector since about the era that discrimination was becoming popular. I found the books to be very helpful in helping me to wrap my head around the complexities of what the ML is bringing to the table with the Equinox. I believe that in order to actualize much more than waving a beepy stick above the ground, it's pretty critical to really understand what the knobs do and further what negative effects they can cause in the greater scheme of things. Your books go a long way in ferreting out that detail. Tha
  3. I've been kicking around the idea of adding the 15 to my toolkit. This is very good feedback in that regard Mitchel. I appreciate it. How nose heavy it the Nox with 15 inch on it and do you and others use a shoulder strap when detecting with it? // R
  4. You know the old saying Steve, They just don't make'em like that anymore... 😉
  5. Looks like an awesome hunt filled vacation Steve. I envy you.
  6. Wow! Now I know why I can't find anything. Just kidding, these are excellent finds. Nicely done sir.
  7. I'm thinking this is a good second machine for us Nox 800 noobies.
  8. Thanks for that Simon. They have some nice looking screen covers.
  9. I like your idea Joe D. If this Covid item continues I may not see beach hunting till next year or even later. Let's do it! 🙂
  10. Happy I could give you some comic relief Steve . Glad you didn't swallow your cup. Or spit your coffee for that matter.
  11. I agree with you Pheonix. I work in the tech industry with mission critical stuff and I generally press any of my vendors for Root Cause Analysis on any impactful device or software failures as a normal protocol. That protocol is generally worthwhile for both parties because it gets folks attention and makes them look a little bit wider in their viewport. Hopefully you can get a straight answer from ML or maybe a ML reseller on the forum could follow up ?
  12. If you end up with those Russian rakes Steve , best where shoes. Those things look pretty wicked.
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