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  1. I'm glad you did it well cause I remember what he did to the guy that set up the sluice at too steep of an angle. : )
  2. You know the ole saying .. if it looks to good to be true ...
  3. And you had to jade dog instead of a gold dog.
  4. You should never stick anything smaller than your elbow in your ear to clean it.
  5. Didn't I see a hat that said .. It's not hoarding if it's metal detectors
  6. Happy Holidays Steve. Look forward to seeing the forum continue in the New Year. /Rob
  7. That's how you guys keep breaking the ears on those Minelab coils!! Too funny. Thanks for sharing that.
  8. I would be careful coating the circuit board with a conformal coating of this nature for fear of changing the heat dissipation capabilities of some of the electronics parts on them. You might find overheating becoming a problem.
  9. Steve what you are doing is a lot of work and it makes the forum a heck of lot easier to navigate. Thanks for such a nice place to spend our time and the excellent job that you do keeping it up. It's a gem.
  10. I've found those deep aluminum can sized non-ferrous yer talking about. Thanks for the tips Clive. And the 3 books. //R
  11. http://www.onelight.com/hec/targets/Alaska/Stan Grist's resources for treasure hunting, gold prospecting, metal detecting and exploration. .htm This guy I think
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