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  1. found on top of a ridge, upto 1 meter wide, most with a hole in the middle. cheers Paul
  2. I have been searching for a quartz reef for 3 years in this area and I found it. 1200mm wide ,and goes for 5 meters on top covered in moss,it's on a side of a ridge that was formed on a fault ,pushed up. the area is also covered in loose quartz rocks ,some the size of a football. white,yellow and rusty. I have been using a minelab 5000 in the area for a year. only found silver/lead nuggets and a hundred bullets .No gold. my experience with a detector and prospecting is a beginner. within a 6 kilometer radius of this spot are 5 gold mines ,2 working . old iron ore mine, old lead mine,and a old diamond mine. excited ,I run the detector over the reef and near area for 3 days and got no signals.Zero hits.not even a bullet. complete nothing. cheers Paul
  3. hi there, just started prospecting I have a mountain of this quartz on my property, with a gpx 5000 on factory setting, I receive a low-med single ,but with a high mineral setting ,no signal! looks like rust spots and I think pyrite. I crushed a piece and paned , lots of fine gold looking spots under 10x not sure if gold would it be worth crushing a wheelbarrow load to find out if any gold in this quartz cheers Paul
  4. thank you all for the info, yes I think it is galena . A lead silver mine is a few miles away , my detector is picking up signals all around the area where I found the galena. will leave it for another day . I'm looking for that gold. cheers Paul
  5. hi there, I found 2 nuggets ,smaller one 10cm deep,larger nugget under a 10 kilo slab of rock and 5cm deep.1 meter apart looks like lead, a few small quartz stones attached. maybe old musket bullets or shotgun slugs ,melted in bushfire ? metal is soft, gunmetal silver when rubbed and will tarnish over time. any idea! cheers ,Paul
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