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  1. Very nice 😎 All the best next spin 🥇🏆 By the way, if you were in this circumstance you were very late. Right time and right place and many more. Hamid
  2. I have been posting so my account is safety? Best wishes and good luck to everyone 🏜🏕🥇🏆😎
  3. TDI beach hunter. I'm so sorry to say that, who is talented and can repair it too easy, he passed away. Best wishes. Hamid
  4. It works pretty well. For the batteries you can build one.
  5. Level had down too fast, that brings more negatives.... I impressed about the technology that brought us minelab, IQ is very sensitive to small gold even in extreme bad conditions, that not enough. You could comeback many times with empty hand in hot spot, while other cheapest metal detectors did pretty well. Otherwise manticore miss gold. Hamid
  6. That's so sad news. It's not reasonable price, I will never buy. Hamid
  7. Garrett should produce some Whites MD. They were unbeatable and still. All detectors in market miss gold. Hamid
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