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  1. I want to see something new from Minelab that release an unit for the experts. No “auto”any more.
  2. Very nice and congratulations 😎 I’m praying for you that all the bad things stay away from your destination. God bless you my good friend Joe 🍹🍹🙂 Hamid
  3. I noticed that few days ago, we don't know what is exactly they are doing.... The important thing is to see some whites metal detectors in the competitions. No whites in future, no gold in future
  4. Please accept my condolences on the passing of your father. It was an honor to have known such a great person and I will truly miss him. May God embrace you in comfort during this difficult time. I’m interesting about one of detectors, I didn’t see it in the collection.
  5. This is the fact my friend, If you want to know more, did a little searching and you will see. I wish you all the best to you! The Garrett company has a great opportunity to make great pur manual detector. Hope they hear my suggestions. In the beach, the White’s won, In the bad ground the White’s won, In the moon, the White’s won, No company that can match White’s. Hamid
  6. Yes Whites has great legacy than other manufacturer. Anywhere, whites electronics is winner.
  7. In great condition, you can do that in two hours. Hamid
  8. Hi everyone 😎 Hope y’all are doing well, This wasn't the best year personally and as such, I only got to hunt a couple weeks( one hour in early morning and sometime one hour in night) Here’s pics and thank you for reading and looking at my post🙂 Well, many scientists are confused about the secret and source of geomagnetism. there're many planets much larger than the earth, but they have no magnetic field at all. So, what's the secret behind geomagnetism? about 300 years ago, the queen of England's physician; William Gilbert, said something out of mere geussing, he s
  9. It’s great a great news 😎 The wonderful thing is to see White’s come back, there is much hope now. All the best 🙂 Hamid
  10. Looks you had been used some Eric machines, can you write few lines what depth? Thank you 😊 I wish you all the best out there😎
  11. Congratulations on Gold😎 Those rings were living a long time... If we don’t say many yearsssssss. All the best next spin ⛵️🏝🍹🍹🙂
  12. 11 grams of gold it is too easy read it. I'm not surprise. I found many tiny gold chains empty. Between two and 4 grams elsewhere on the forums.
  13. In general Single frequency is better and bestest than MF. My friends that followed me, I wrote review when the metal detector was in parachute. The following years they emailed me and said you are right Hamid. My friends are dealers.
  14. I have no high hopes for every detector that release..... Pure manuals what we needs.....
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