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  1. Went digging few days ago, 2-12-20, and pop out a bucket lister. Bucket lister is this Block "A" button. No markings on the back so a local button. Very long spoon handle Thimble and a boot tap.. I believe this is a lever to locking down a window?
  2. Ok, Its a nice one and it look like a one piece.. Few weeks ago I dug one and it was a one piece, But I all most cry when I pop it out of the hole, broke it with the shovel...
  3. Nice bullets and that SC button looks awesome... great digs!
  4. Over the weekend digs. First day(Saturday) I hit a 1890s homesite, it dates 1890s to 1930s, then next day(Sunday) went and hit one of my colonial site that I been hitting for a while.Script A, war of 1812 button, V-nickel, Sunday school pin, few flat buttons and other goodies. Script A, war of 1812 button 1908 V-nickel. Sunday School pin Few flat buttons Spoon handle Everything. Old trigger guard with some rusty iron.
  5. Jan 25th and 26th. Colonial site. Cuff-link with green stone, flat button, buckles and more. My youtube channel.. My latest video.. DetectorMoe Cuff-link with green stone, I been told it dates late 17th to mid 18 century, buckles and other things.
  6. Its a rare rev button... I mostly relic hunt and some beach hunt.
  7. Hey wasup? From North Carolina and I been digging about 7 years now.. Just want to introduce myself..
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