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  1. My machine about three months back or so was fried when I submerged it. Dilek came up with a compromise. And completely replaced the unit. Even though I didn't purchase the unit. She's a good woman. And a very busy one but tries answering promptly to everyone. I love Nokta Makro customer service. Even after I was upset and said some things. Thanks Dilek
  2. I believe they're behind on that to. what I love to see more coils and to get my hands on another simplex.
  3. Oh you do make them. Could you maybe send him a shaft to review. In return her love to help you out by as said mentioning your company on YouTube
  4. Hey Steve are you creating the carbon fiber shafts. My husband has a YouTube channel. Maybe he can give you a shout out. He has a Equinox. He has one leg and had a hip replacement surgery on his opposite leg. So a light and easy swinging Detector is a must
  5. Mr. Andy Sabisch is a great metal detectorist and a great man. He after me reaching out sent my husband a free autographed book of his and sent us his business card. My husband has been wanting a Vanquish propack since the mentioning of it being made and Mr Andy offered my husband a great deal. See some people may not know he sells metal detectors. Mr Andy and his wife at Treasure Hunting outfitters have impeccable customer service and truly great deals and Mr Andy will work with me and He's letting me make payments. My husband is going to be so stoked for his birthday present. He is so ready to get back to metal detecting. See not many people know this but metal detecting saved my husbands life he was deeply and darkly depressed and suicidal about 10 years ago. He had his left leg amputated at six in a hunting accident his leg was blown off by a 12 gauge shotgun. At 24 10 years ago. He had his right hip replacement and they told him never work again. He's been on SSI since. Gets very little money I had to work 3 jobs to pick up slack. He felt worthless, useless and he was lonely because I worked kids were always at school and after school programs. He was very close to killing himself. He saw a metal detecting video. And they told Him he could do anything like that but he fell deeply a Passionately in love and was set on fire to get out and find history and discovered a new and free and whole other part of himself in metal detecting. His pinpointer recently broke and he needed one and i mentioned the vanquish to Andy and he ran a amazing deal by me guys I couldn't refuse at all. Period. 590.00 for a pulse dive and a Vanquish 540 propack..... That's major savings and he guys go to Andy for all your metal detecting needs. If he doesn't have it which most likely does he will make sure he gets it for you and as quickly as he possibly can. So go to Andy y'all. Great person. Sales@TreasureHuntingOutfitters.com (734)230-1121. Oh promo going on 100.00 for pulse dive y'all. Crazy savings
  6. Hey there. Sounds like the speaker it self is completely shot. Hopefully it's under warranty and just call Minelab and talk to Jamie she will be able to help you
  7. Money's tight right now but if there is any way maybe that you can send him a signed copy that would be greatly appreciated. He loves his Equinox. And anything Minelab. He wants to get the Vanquish 540 propack.
  8. Andy My name is Sandi. My husband is Nate williams. He's a huge fan. He has been truly wanting a signed copy of your book. He's disabled and on SSI and unable to work so I have to work three jobs during the season. He only gets 600 and that helps pay for our six kids and rent and bills.... He was in a dark place in his life when he was told he was unable to work I. Surgeries hip replacement and he has an above-the-knee amputation on his left leg he had a hip replacement on his right leg amputation happen when he was only six but after the hip replacement I told him he couldn't work anymore and he got into a really depression a dark place being lonely at home all the time while kids were in school I know it's working and metal detecting save his life.... He just so happened to be watching YouTube around 10 years ago and it was a wrap. He was hooked
  9. Awesome way to be straight up and forward. In my opinion the Equinox is the best metal detector hands down and I respect your opinion and Andy's and I need to get one of Andy's books
  10. No I will be going back. But there was a porch from my great great great grandfather home. That's where I found it. In that area
  11. Found a 11 in almost seated liberty half dime and I'm Impressed!!!!! I was very impressed. In iron littered site. I'm starting to become one with my Detector and not messing with preset modes much. Besides recovery and iron bias at f2 2
  12. They will. Minelab has done a great job so far and I believe that they plan on keeping this technology around. Hints the ( Vanquish ) series .... They have a win..
  13. so all you guys know your Detector? Or so you thought maybe or maybe so you thought?  So lots of you may be asking or have been asking or are curious about which Detector is better and probably assuming the 800 is way better and stronger than the 600. Or which is better for the beginner? The Minelab Equinox 600 or 800? What Detector is more powerful? Therefore producing more finds and at better quality? Or are they in a nutshell the exact same Detector besides A extra mode ( Gold ), and 20 and 40 khz are available to be single frequencies on the Equinox 800 and not the 600. Does The Equinox 600 have 20 and 40 khz in multi frequency? And the 800 has more adjustable tone pitches in more tone brackets and recovery speed is more adjustable and iron bias as well. But are as I said in a nutshell are the same exact animal. Truly deep, capable of all types of metal detecting adventures, fully submersible and the actually find amazing finds. Whatever you buy make sure it's a Minelab Equinox. They produce. Just don't go about it like I did and dying to set up most advanced settings and trying to copy someone's program. Let that metal detector talk to you and you'll create a bond with it and only tweak it when you feel the need to be able to comprehend it better. It's preset modes are incredible and this detector is truly worth every penny.... Thanks for listening guys
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