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  1. Here is the 2 piles of ferrous and - non-ferrous I checked with my magnet on my apex axe! I'm going to crush the ferrous for sure at some point and run through my blue bowl ! so the picture on the left is the Non-ferrous and on the right is the ferrous but I'm seeing to much good yellow stuff not to crush! actually I will crush all but separately and run them separate just to see what comes out? This was all found one day this week in about 4 hrs with my gold monster 1000 ! Thanks for any suggestions sincerely Ray " smaller pile is the non-ferrous"
  2. Hi Gerry Thanks, I will get my magnet, I actually dug this up with my apex with magnet on it, but I have not did the magnet test I will do that thanks for the reminder Gerry. Sincerely Ray
  3. Hi Gerry Ive been meaning to get to your store, I will be at a meeting this next week. Thanks for getting back with me, just went out this week with my new Gold Monster 1000 and found some I think hard rock gold or hot rocks not to sure (LOL) I will post some pictures for you These pics are from a powerful coin microscope., let me know what you think, Thanks for getting back with me!!
  4. Hi Fred I actually am a member of the Nampa club but they meet on tuesday night and thats been a problem for me. and they actually have more sluicing I think. Thanks I do want to get out with them on their claims but have not had a chance yet do you know any clubs that are metal detecting around Nampa ? what about your self? My name is Ray
  5. I'm Looking for friends to go out hunting with I live near the owyhees and like to go out nugget shooting their I've been doing this for a couple of years and I'm itching to get out their a lot more this year. Reply if you are in the area I will also go to gold fields in and around Idaho city no problem I like going when their no crowds like during the week I'm semi retired. Have a great day Thanks getting back with me!
  6. Looking for Some metal detectorist to go out hunting with I've been doing this a couple of years I've done a lot of research, and would like to get to know some metal detectorist to go out and hunt with I have some good equipment, to go with . I'm semi retired and like to go out during the week. Just got me a new pair of snake books and itching to get out their with my gold monster and my falcon MD 20. looking for friends to go out with during the week, I try to stay away from weekends but I can go then too! Thanks for reading Ps I like to go out to the Owyhees its close to home! This just what I found this week with the Gold monster 1000 not sure if their hard rock gold or just hot rocks I lean toward hard rook Im going to try some CLR On them or any idea's to clean them up I might just crush them In my crusher? 2/15/20
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