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  1. I hope it works out like apple products, my family owns the latest and greatest ipods, iphones,and ipads.
  2. I have never watched the unveiling of a metal detector before, but from what I can see minelab gets 5 stars for building suspense, a countdown to a website giving you details about a product not available yet. Do we have to take them on 3 dates to get our first peek at the real goods? sponsored by a minelab dealer?
  3. $7595.00 usd, I will split my half with scott since he got this started.
  4. I received an ad from miners den feb 8, said would not be available before March 1
  5. No worries Mate, great video, it would be awesome to make a living like that.
  6. A little humor, to take everybody's mind off gpz7000, I have never found gold with a detector and i am still excited about it.
  7. Thanks all, Ordered a sdc 2300, hiked a mile into a site today to assure myself I wanted the foldup, carried out some good looking quartz, crushed 3 small pieces and panned a few small flakes out of it. Thanks Steve Kiesel. I seen the some of the pics a couple years ago, or whenever he had started asking advice on finding the source, looks like he has made pretty good progress.
  8. Thanks everyone for your input, going to reread vagold forums, I know their was nugget finds with gpx 4500 and 5000, try to see if I missed any info and try to decide.
  9. Hi Steve, I am very new at metal detecting and have been wanting a gpx 5000 since they came out. Go to buy one and there is a new kid on the block. I'm Planning on detecting old mine sites and tailings in Virginia. Price is not an issue, but I cannot afford two, I really like the folding up to backpack size and waterproof sdc 2300, but still want to buy the best detector for what I am doing. I have read all your articles and thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I have only used a very cheap Tesoro and would value your opinion as to purchasing a sdc 2300 for simplicity or Gpx
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