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  1. Scare Crow updates are coming soon, Anyone have a request? I have a few in mind!!!!
  2. Welcome Winnie, Its always nice to keep seeing new members pop up. DP is Hands down the best place to get detecting info. Hope you jump right in with posting and sharing. Please let us know what you detect with and what's your favorite things are to find. Good Luck
  3. I was thinking of using it to distract the kids from asking me for my treasure.
  4. I have a fabulous wife who always lets me detect when I feel the need. I spend most of my time in my yard and cooking dinner. Sometimes in life you hit the lottery. I can't wait to retire!!!!!
  5. I started out today Detecting by myself on a rather large property. After about 1 hour I decided to call it quit's. A little discouraged, I figured I needed a partner who could help me out with this daunting piece of property. So I decided to try and find someone to give me a hand. I was looking for someone who had a fair amount of detecting experience and was proficient with the 800 and a Tesoro machine. I called everyone I could think of and they all were busy. So back to the house I went, As I pulled into the driveway I noticed a fellow detecting my yard !!!! What the hell, I ran over and confronted him. He reached out to shake my hand but something was wrong. Something was off. After a few minutes of banter I realized maybe this fellow could help me with the big property and maybe I should ask him to help me. After all I was desperate for help. He told me he has been detecting for many many years and was very good at detecting. He has a Tesoro umax and runs a Equinox 800. So what the hell I asked him to help out, He agreed but on one condition. He would help BUT he could only help till October 31st and then he had to leave. We shook hands (kinda) and off we went. HAPPY PRE HALLOWEEN ALL !!!!!!!!
  6. Hey Steve, I'm interested in the travel shaft For the 800. Can you tell me what it collapses down to. If you have any Photos that would be helpful also. Thanks
  7. Confirmed the other day that the chain is 14k. It's not the greatest but it sure beats those pesky 1oz liquor bottle caps I was digging half the day.
  8. That's a nice set O finds there Rod!!! I'm like you, I only head to the beach once a year. My beach hunt this year gave me a late day 14k chain. persistence pays off so keep at it, more will come.
  9. CS1, That's a zinc stake bottom usually found with a high concentration of tarp grommets Ha Ha
  10. Everyone here knows I'm a Tesoro fan, that being said. I think the machines you have are very capable of finding most coins, jewelry ect. But in my opinion Tesoro's have a slight edge with discrimination which leads to tonal breaks that just can't be duplicated by most newer machines. My MK and 800 are great machines but have to much blending in tone for me. Also I've noticed that my 800 in multi will wrap and favor iron over silver. If you hunt for coins and relics and want another gun in your holster I would go with a Tejon 17.4 khz which has dual disc or a silver umax. 10.6 khz. which murders hidden silver. The audio on the cibola and the vaquero are just a little flat for me. I use my umax for cleanup and have never been let down. If you are part of the dig everything crowd I would not waste your money and stick with what you have. The best way to figure out if you like something is to buy it. Give it a whirl You will either love them or hate them, And In the event that a Tesoro is not for you, You'll have 100 guy's who will buy it from you. As for me I will be buried with my Tesoro's. Wish you luck
  11. dogodog

    Long Summer

    Just had 3/4'' rain on Thursday and today the Temp didn't get above 65. It sure is a welcome feeling that fall is almost here. Hope the temps start to cool down for you JCR.
  12. Hey Chuck, The coil is the 10x12 , after a partial tear of my bicep I can only swing heavier coils for so long. I think you might have hunted this park that keeps on giving. Still a great memory for me.
  13. Arrowhead thing was the bottom of a zinc tent stake. Also sounded pretty good.
  14. Hey Doc, Glad you joined up. Georgia is a beautiful place with some fantastic history. How long have you been detecting? and what do you mainly detect? Hope to see some of your finds in the coming weeks and months. Good Luck next time out!!!!
  15. Welcome Jonnty, This place is most certainly the best for Q and A. My wife just loves the UK and all it offers, She even is a member of the Pittsburg Steelers UK fan group. Remember its where you hunt and where you swing the coil not so much the machine. You will do well with both. Hope you will post the finds you have found and ask a bunch of questions. All of us will be waiting to point you in the right direction. Good Luck
  16. dogodog

    Long Summer

    Up until a week or two ago it was bone dry here in PA. Temps hovered in the high 90's to over a 100 most days. My first day hunting since July 4th was September 5. I stopped detecting most of the summer for fear I would lose permissions over dead spots in the turf. In June I dug a hole for my new flag pole and it was powder dry at 36 inches, I have never ever saw powder at that depth. That September 5th hunt only lasted 2 hours due to the heat but yielded a pleasant surprise an undated standing liberty quarter.
  17. Geo has it right, So many factors involved with each machine and coil. Ground conditions play a major roll as will machine programs and adjustments. These are the basics but it takes a bunch of experimental runs to find out what works best, where and with what settings. This will span every detector you own. It can take months to find a combo for each area you hunt, with each individual machine. That's the fun of this hobby. Once you dial in, It make machine and coil choice easy. Keep a log of settings, machine, coil and area. It takes the guess work out.
  18. Ha, Thought that drain cover was a silver 1/2 dollar. Win some lose some!!!
  19. Nice find on the bracelet, Maybe you can make some detector batteries with the lead Ha Ha. I hear you with the horse women thing. Figgy fizz bottle caps are worth a lot of money Ha Ha, Bert from Sesame Street collected bottle caps. Old kids TV show I used to watch on Saturdays in my youth. Storms or no storms your killing it. Great job!!!!
  20. Usually after a vacation I schedule one day after my return home to ready myself for the return to work. After hunting with Bob at Virginia Beach I really wanted to go to a park I have murdered the silver at, But the lawn needed mowing. I told my wife my plans and she said why don't you go detecting for a bit the lawn can wait ( damn I married a good women). I have hit this place hard for two years, me and my buddy have pulled over 100+ silver coins not including rings and charms out of the ground. I packed up the Tesoro silver u-max and the 800 and off I went. I always use the Tesoro for clean up so figuring finds were getting harder to find I started with it first. Quarters and dimes were on the found list, but nothing tone wise that peaked my hearing. I decided to check a place close to the parking lot and my truck. After a 100 yards I got a tone that was a touch different. I would have dug it straight up but there was a strange guy walking back and forth. Not sure what he was up to, so I walked a few hundred yards away. At this point the big coil was killing me and I decided head to the truck and swap to the 800. I fired up the 800 and went to my park 1 5khz program. I did pretty well on some pocket change and decided to roll back to the spot where the Tesoro tagged a good tone. The 800 said 28-29 with a nice tone, I was sure it was silver, but I've been fooled before. Well after digging I pulled a silver ring, not a fancy one but I'll take it. I decided to take a run at the other side of the park but was thwarted by blood thirsty mosquitoes and I forgot the Permethrin. After 10 minutes and a 100 bites later I was gone. I figure I can always make another trip. Overall I had a nice 4 hour hunt.
  21. Welcome to the forum and glad your back into the game. I started on an old coinmaster and bailed on the hobby for a while and wish I didn't. I got back into it in my 30's. The 600 is a very capable machine and should cover most of your bases. All I can say is play with the settings once you figure it out, It has a lot of hidden tricks. I do pretty well in 5khz and almost alway's run in single freq. Your finds are awesome and I love that chauffeur badge, please keep them coming and good luck next time out!!!
  22. You and me both, I thought I was tough. That guy was in blue jeans and a flannel shirt with an under shirt underneath. At 84 degrees I would have fell over. He didn't miss a beat. Kinda nice to see old school guys and gals still digging and telling stories.
  23. Some great finds Bob. Crazy how odd finds show up in a place you would never expect. I once found a near mint 1916 George the 5th in a flower bed at a 1950's house. Take them as they come. More than likely someone was keeping them for sentimental value and their rotten kid decided to play with them Ha Ha. Seriously cool coins no matter the reason. Looks like the guy from Fredericksburg with the MXT missed three good items in a couple of days. I thought I was having a good day until you sent me that. Remember its where the coil is. Great job my friend!!!!
  24. Well its certainly not clad Ha Ha, I've found three of those rings in silver but never in gold. It's a really great heart pounding moment when the yellow appears. Seriously nice job with all the finds!!!!!
  25. Awesome finds, I've hunted a lot of hunted out spots only to pull some nice stuff out. never let old detecting stories get in your way of hitting a spot. seems to me you did pretty well on the day.
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