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  1. Nice save on the ring. I'm sure there is more to find in the area. Hope you post it if you do.
  2. Good luck with the new machine Erik!!! The first question I need to ask is did you take the rest of the money and invest in a shark cage? Question two is did you call XP and ask them how the screen holds up to a great whites bite force? You my friend have doo-dads the size of basketballs. No way I would be in your water past ankle deep. All joking aside I hope this new XP opens up a few more spots for you, I always enjoy your posts. Sincerely your friend who watches shark week on the discovery channel Dogodog
  3. Great read, I find DD's have a slight edge in depth but not by much and are quite often difficult to rely on in the iron trash areas I hunt. My detecting started with the tesoro machines and most came with a concentric and then a DD. Just my opinion but Tesoro's really shine with a concentric vs DD. Then came the Multi Kruzer, Which is an awesome machine. I ran the DD's for some time and had Pretty good luck with them until I bought the 9 inch concentric. It was a game changer for the MK. In all fairness the best DD I have ever used was the Nel superfly, oddly it almost seems like a hybrid of the DD and concentric configurations. As of lately I buy up concentric's at a high rate of speed, and fearing they will no longer be available. If I had to pick only one I would always choose a concentric. I wish minelab or someone else would step in and make a 9 inch concentric, I think it would make the 600/800 a machine that would be hard to beat in the performance arena. For now I run my tesoro's with concentric's for clean up in high nail infested sites.
  4. Thanks GM, This is so far becoming a great little story. I'm hooked can't wait to hear more. This might make a good movie!!!
  5. Research!!! Try and research when your stuck in the house with the wife. Love her to death but she would rather have me research painting.
  6. You can change the material/utensil but you just CAN"T change the human condition. All the thoughtful people pick up all the other non self aware humans junk. Most just can't get out of their own way.
  7. Good job, one is better than none. Oh and by the way it was 11 degrees here in my haunts. Ground is pretty stiff right now.
  8. Stamped 925 mex Gb. Wish it was 14k. You might have walked right by it, Found it a 50 yards from where we started detecting.
  9. Wednesday I had a brief moment in the arctic air that is hammering PA. It was going up to 50 degrees, So I thought I'll take what I can get during this frigid spell. Off to the park I went to try for some silver. I had about 2 hours to complete the mission before my wife decided to cash in on my insurance policy. Three clad and I dropped a silver in the box, A 1964 rosie. Light was fading and a bunch of clad later I decided to detect back to the truck. Starting to get a little colder I needed to adjust my hat and as I sat my Tesoro on my digger I got a nice tone. Thought maybe it was just the ground sounding off. Once adjusted I swung again and it WAS a good target. Time to dig, At 8'' I had the wonderful Heart Attack moment. All I saw was diamond and a big one!!! Well once cleaned I realized it was a CZ mounted in a silver Mexico setting (CRAP). But I thought to myself it's still beats a white metal ring. I think we all have those Heart Attack moments, some are real and some not so much. At least this one didn't turn out to be a pull tab ring. Pretty sure this is what drives us all to keep digging. I love each and every crappy target I dig knowing something good is just around the corner.
  10. Nice one!!! I'm sure Mateo is missing that chunk of gold, Take them as they come.
  11. Welcome BH, Glad to have you here. I can tell you 2 things. One - You won't be disappointed and 2 - Your head might explode from information overload.This place is the best archive for gold detecting info on the planet. If you add up all the years some of these folks on our forum have been detecting/prospecting for gold it adds up to 1000's of years of experience. DP is all about shared information and stories that keep you going each and ever year. Best of luck and please post your finds along the way.
  12. They would have a hard time pulling that out of my hand for $500,000. I'm not known as a sharing kinda guy. The UK does have some tough treasure rules though. (still would be a fist fight) Man that's a fantastic looking coin!!!!!! Thanks for posting that Steve
  13. Great finds and report. Pin and fob are very cool. I'm sure their is a bunch more goodies to be found soon, Wish you luck and looking forward to an update.
  14. Great story, persistence always pays off. I always enjoy a good end of day find. I've Only ever found 1 seated 1/2 dime in my area, was an 1857. Love the buttons and pull tabs Ha Ha
  15. Two is about it with the exception of disc. With the umax you can pretty much disc all but the large iron out and still pound copper or silver even most clad. The circuitry of a tesoro will allow you to not hear small bits of iron anywhere near your target. When hunting for silver I run 1/2 way between zinc and max disc, this still allows me to pick up some clad to not make for a boring day. I'm a big fan of low recovery speeds on other machines, swing speed is much more important. As for tones on a Tesoro They are hard to explain you have to run one for a while to start to understand the fades, crackles and rolls.
  16. Poor Rich, Love you buddy. You need to come and enjoy our arctic weather and fine silver.
  17. In my areas I bring both the 800 and a tesoro. 800 for clean areas (so to speak) and the umax for high iron old sites. My buddy runs the 800 all the time and he is really good with it but he is amazed by the simplicity of the umax. Tesoros to my happiness are NOT beep and dig machines.
  18. GB, I'm thinking you might need to break down and purchase an XRF or subject your prize IH's to the dreaded OES test. Nothing like a vaporized piece copper alloy. Either way its for the good of Detector Prospector and its loyal members. Ha Ha
  19. With all of the new machines out or coming out, I was just wondering how many of us Tesoro fans still use them on a regular basis? Also if all these new machines are so much better, Why so few Tesoro's for sale? I own a NOX 800 and NM multi kruzer and like them both, But seem to find myself drifting back to the low Khz Tesoro's. I'm a coin guy and love silver and copper coins. Gold to me is a welcome surprise but it's not what makes me smile. Running my Umax over the 800 as of lately really seems magical. I feel like I'm much more in tune with the tones vs blended audio of the 800. I'm also a big fan of concentric coils, they just perform so much better in dense trash. I know everyone chases depth, but I do not. Most of my coins rarely go beyond 7'' with the exception of big silver (oddly) Ha Ha. Beginner detectorist's IMHO rely to much on their screens and discard the fundamentals of detecting for a machine that they trust without knowing what that means. Something awesome about a 1 tone machine with a hundred nuances.
  20. GB, if you do some testing on the IH's, Please compare dates. Say 1884 dug vs collected. I have long believed that penny's especially IH's depending on date have a wide range of metal composition. On my 800 they can dip as low as 17 and as high as 24. On my Tesoro's the disc. break can be all over the place depending on year of the coin. I think our government didn't care to much about the penny standard of metallurgy. I think they were all over the place with metals and only focused on the weight. I've done some testing myself and still can not understand why the difference on dates so close together. Generally if I hunt IH's I hunt at a starting disc and go back at a later date and adjust for the odd ball dates I can not find. Seems to work for me since I'm not in any big hurry. This is a great topic and can't wait to see the results.
  21. I think it is a good move on their part, No sense in manufacturing a bunch of machines that basically do the same thing. From a business standpoint this might free up some cash to invest in tech which can get to the end user in a timely fashion. This also means that they will still be in business down the road (which is a great thing). IMHO they made a decision based on a tight market and a global supply issues. The detectors that are still on the shelf are good stout machines and will still sell well. As for the Legend I need to see a little more before I give it a whirl. I wish them a lot of luck in the future.
  22. Welcome Billy, Always good to have new members here. I'm looking forward to your next post with a few goodies that you found. Glad your here and wish you luck next time out with the 800.
  23. Hate to say it 350 (BUT) I was using a tesoro with a 10x12 concentric. Not knocking the 800 but for me it has some troubles with iron nails mixed with good targets. This place is filthy with the old tin coated roofing nails and larger framing nails of the 20's to 50's. The disc ability and circuitry allow for some pretty nice results. That being said, me and my buddy have hit this small area about 7 times with the 800, and have found around 3 silver coins. Four times with one guy (about 6 hours) with the tesoro has yielded 8. I grew up on analog machines and have learned to trust the 1 tone machines without ID numbers. Tesoro sounds just don't lie to you. Once you master the sounds your confidence will increase. I love the 800 in most places, But sometimes it requires a Tesoro to squeak out some more treasure out of your sites. (That you know has a little more to give.) Ever wonder why there are not a lot of Tesoro's for sale? I have one more Tesoro secret that I'll keep.
  24. My last coin and silver of 2021 was a barber half. Since that day I have not been out, Here in PA we had some really cold days and some snow. I thought my next hunt would be in April. Well today we had a high of 47 and the ground crust thawed enough to try a hunt. I kept having the feeling that I left something behind last time out, So back to the park I went were the barber came from. The first coin out of the ground was a clad dime followed by 2 quarters. My next great tone was by an OLD oak tree a mere 10 feet from where the barber was found. Roots galore but still no coin at 7 inches, having a feeling it was something good I slowly excavated another 2 and out jumped another 1/2, This time a really nice 1945 Walker. I ended 2021 with a total of 47 silver coins 5 of which were 1/2's, So starting out 2022 with a 1/2 might/ (hope) be a good omen.
  25. Nicely done NC, I think you found a guy who drinks more beer than me Ha Ha . Great job on the silver save!! wish you more luck next run around.
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