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  1. Oh yes, champagne. What was I thinking? Well I didn't see champagne, I didn't see sunscreen or anything else except the metal detector and the beach scoop - so who knows? So $5 a minute huh?
  2. That's funny. TV is all about drama. Real life is a whole nother thing.
  3. Is there anything that you can share on the details of getting the 16 volt battery configuration to fit in the TDI BH? I have one that I just bought, and I have heard that I can pickup a few inches of detecting depth with the 14.8v vs. 12 v stock config, and maybe even more depth with the 16v config. I would appreciate any details on whether you saw any harm to the electronics with this extra, applied battery voltage or not, the benefits of the higher voltages, and the needed case mods to make it fit? Thanks kindly. Brittany.
  4. It seemed to me he was a pretty good guy. He could have told me to shove off but he did not and I spent a few minutes talking with him with his student watching closely his his side. The guy never said a word and I wonder to this day why? Anyway, what does Gary charge for lessons anyway? He is most certainly dedicated to that CTX 3030 and quite the master with it. He's a nice man and I'm grateful for his time.
  5. Yeah, I have a lot of sales experience so I know from that to just kept on until I was done. Never quit, never give up
  6. Yeah, I tested his patience to the max πŸ€ͺ. Why? Because I would not likely get another opportunity, and I was only with him maybe five minutes.
  7. Not sure about your questions. Call/write Garrett in Texas - they'll respond. On your ATX mods, please share because that all sounds very interesting.
  8. Based on everything you said I would go with the Minelab Excalibur 2. That detector automatically nulls out iron and has been known to detect targets to 16 inches, regardless of whether it's in the water or on land. Do your own due diligence to verify this but it is well renowned and been around for decades.
  9. Celebrity alert. I had an opportunity to meet Gary Drayton when I was detecting on a beach, here in Fort Lauderdale, on Friday, 17 December 2021. He was there giving lessons to a gentleman, and was very gracious and nice when I interrupted him – telling him I knew who he was. We spoke for five minutes about a few things of interest such as his show, The TDI Beach Hunter that I was carrying and a few other tidbits. If you want to see the interview it's on my YouTube channel. If you want the link just ask. – – Brittany.
  10. That's very interesting. I think it's a great detector but the weight is a killer. This backpack idea is a cool idea. Obviously, the parent article about the subject is seven years old – so it's not exactly a new idea but it's new to me. Garrett made an Infinium double D coil, 10 x 14" and that would also be awesome on the beach but with the ATX's limited ability to discern iron, it may not be very desirable. Now I have two pulse induction units, one is a Garrett Sea Hunter II, and the other is a White's TDI beach Hunter. I've only had the second detector in the lists for about a week or so and I am still figuring out what is capable of but I think it would do pretty well – nevertheless I'm not quite convinced how it is going to do on very small targets? To wit, that is where the Garrett ATX comes in but I don't know that I want another detector for that, and an expensive one at that. The ATX package is very inconvenient in could be said to be outdated – the whole concept of everything from just north of the coil all the way up to the control box is great if you are on the battlefield, and that is where the technology came from but that is not here when you're swinging it for two or more hours and getting ready to scream in agony over the weight. I have the MINELAB-brand harness, and while that is great and would work here, nearly 7 pounds is still nearly 7 pounds. No matter what. So the backpack idea that Steve brought up as an excellent one. Fact is, it's all a tricky business because gold targets go deep and go deep quickly. So what are you going to use? Some VLF detector? Detection depth is limited at best, and even if it wasn't, the deeper the target the less accurate the VDI numbers will be so you will need to dig more than you thought. The XP Deus II? That's a great detector for the beach but may not have the depth necessary to find gold because gold does not stick around at shallow depths very long. Nevertheless, it should be able to detect a gold ring at least two a foot down – per Calabash Digger, found on YouTube. I can't speak about all the beaches in Florida but I can tell you here in South Florida that the dry beaches are very sandy, and targets can go deep quickly in that loose sand – so the question is whether you go to find and where? Also the question is how much trash are you willing to dig per square meter or per square yard just to get to the treasure? We have an overwhelming amount of aluminum this and that – twist caps, bottle caps and everything else in between. Why say so because I have the TDI and there's only so much you're gonna get out of discerning what is under the ground from the audio signal. On the other hand, the XP Deus II is not to be ignored on the beach, and will do very well – as people will show. Super effective at avoiding bottle caps and iron as needed – not to mention idea what the target is before you have even dug your first scoop of sand or dirt. Furthermore, from what I've seen, it is the foremost consumer-focused metal detector available on this planet as of December 2021. At least, one that does not require for you to sell a kidney to purchase. In summary, a huge proponent of PULSE INDUCTION technology utilized both on the beach and in the water – nothing better. If you going to operate in dry sand, parks, fields, underwater, or on the moon – the XP Deus II is good to be an excellent choice for anyone. LOL. Price is reasonable around $1500. #Deus #TDI #ATX #Minelab
  11. Oh well stated, the ATX is 6.9 lb as far as I know, and that is heavy even the moment you pick it up. Unfortunately it can't be separated into pieces with one of them on your belt or somewhere else so you are carrying all that weight on your arm - even with my Minelab harness that will not necessarily be a lot of fun. There are not too many metal detecting companies innovating these days, with XP probably leading the way and Minelab a distance second.
  12. My point exactly, after all, the TDI detectors - I think - are pretty good so why not them? I bought one. I have faith in it. It's not a miracle device and I'm going to have to work my ass off but it's a start and I am always looking for something deep detecting because when we get sanded in all you're going to get is spit. If Garrett did something with the V3I technology, it might have something to go up against the Minelab CTX 3030.
  13. Good to know, because the TDI PRO Is also on my radar to buy - when I can find one. I am very sad that Garrett has not done anything with the Whites metal detector technology. I was hoping they would start making some of the detectors Whites used to make. Do you think they'll ever make anything that Whites used to manufacture?
  14. Acknowledged on the overvoltage results, don't really want to heat up the board because it's shortens the life of the circuitry. I have to have it this coming week, and I'm looking forward to going through every Beach I have already been on with the Garrett Sea Hunter, and with the Minelab Equinox 800 - which I have little used for because I cannot park to detect since it is illegal and there is no real history here that would warrant going to look for silver in cornfields. The last thing if want to ask you is about the TDI PRO AUSSIE, A/K/A, Oz. I have seen it available on rare occasion * about as often as you find diamonds in your bathtub. Any comments ? Thanks again for all your comments.
  15. So, you are saying that you designed the TDI Beachhunter? That's awesome. Anyway, I just bought one on eBay - in great shape - so I will take your advice and not get the control box wet. I have seen people swap out the standard battery for a 14.8v pack, and that seems to make a difference in the detection ability of the unit. Thanks. If you have any other advice I am grateful for it.
  16. Gee, that's interesting, what makes your detector different than the one they did release for sale? I have seen people swapping out the battery for a 14.8 volt battery and maybe that's a good idea? Not sure? I would think it would overload the circuitry. Shorten the life of the circuitry.
  17. I have been looking fora TDI Beachhunter, and I've heard rumors about what you are saying here regarding leakage issues with people having to return them under warranty when there was a White's metal detectors to return them to. Now if you make a bad purchase, you are stuck. I think you could be a good unit for running on the beach and maybe even operating while it's raining. I saw that you had a unit did you sell it? Or do you want to sell it? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks again for the cautionary Tale.
  18. I am trying to find one of these detectors to purchase, and if I am would you sell one of these counter weights to me? Thanks, Brittany
  19. What respect to your original post, numbers 1 and numbers 2 do you have any quantifiable information about The results of disabling the R86 resistor? For example, depth increased by two inches for a target when the R86 resistor was disabled. Item number two in you're modifications list was adding o-rings underneath the dials to increase resistance and prevent accidental setting modification or change during use. The question is what is the specification on the o-rings that were used to achieve this result? Do you have a source for the o-rings manufacturer and part number? Thank you kindly.
  20. Since were "baking our own cake, let's add a few more ingredients," such as a handheld probe option similar to the Minelab, the E-Trac version – maybe instead, The probe could use the new 3.7 V batteries – as could the detector. Waterproof to 2 atm or about 33 feet – that gets 95% or more of in-the-water detecting with the battery compartment, separate from the electronics compartment – similar to the Garrett Sea Hunter II design. Don't forget the display and circuitry that can show you 2+ targets simultaneously under the coil. Perhaps even a pulse magnetometer attachment or ground penetrating radar attachment – wireless while we are at it, to tell you whether or not that deep target that you don't know whether or not it is iron is in fact IRON. For example, imagine that whatever the WIRELESS, ground penetrating radar unit shows you comes up on the screen as an image of either a nail, Bobby pin, or whatever it is. When you shut off the GPR/pulse magnetometer attachment, the display returns to whatever it was showing before. I would envision that the attached gizmo would run off the same 3.7 V batteries and would be of similar shape to a fat Garrett carrot probe. I think cheap GPR resolution is not quite there yet with metal detectors requirements but here is the current reality based on your 2021 technology: reference source: https://www.kbgprsurveys.co.uk/gpr-training/module-3-4-gpr-ground-penetrating-radar-resolution/ A 200MHz antenna has a wavelength of approximately 0.5m in soil, 10% of this gives a 5cm minimum diameter target in optimal conditions. The same 200MHz antenna will be wideband if it’s a GPR, that means it transmits frequencies from 100MHz up to 400MHz. A 400MHz signal has a wavelength in soil of approximately 0.25m. ΒΌ of 0.25 gives a minimum target size of 6.25cm in optimal conditions. Using the 10% of depth rule, that 5-6cm diameter target might not be detectable using GPR if it is buried deeper than 50-60cm. Using the 1-inch diameter for every foot of depth rule, a 5cm diameter target (2 inches) might not be detectable if it is buried deeper than 60cm (2 feet). – Now we're dreaming. Note, and just my opinion, from what I have seen on the video tours of the Garrett facility in Texas, they need to build another building, if they are planning to produce anything that White's used to make or even anything new – their current facility looks fully utilized. Let's not forget that Garrett needs to do an update on the ATX model to improve shaft and coil wire reliability and maybe some additional functionality.
  21. Right, well, Ft. Lauderdale and Dania beaches are loaded with iron - other beaches here are likely to follow suit with iron on the beach.
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