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  1. Thanks for the comments. I tried to hit it with a Propane torch, I got a faint green tinge, but could not get it to melt yet alone glow red, .. must get a bigger burner .. Is there a test for Silver or Tin? Anyone now the VDI for tin? I did the Specific Gravity test and got 2.05, properly not accurate, closest on the table is Magnesium, however I would have to hit it with 650degC to melt that ..
  2. Target ID is +81 ... I will try the propane test .. thanks
  3. Hi Gary, It was found in a sand-dune near the beach(NZ), under a glass the black object's don't look like burn debris, more like sea encrustation .. Cheers
  4. Hi, I found the attached metal object with my MXT today. I am having trouble identifying the metal. It is not lead, it is hard, it is roughly 1 inch by 1/2 inch in size and weighs 18grams, it does not feel light enough for Aluminium, any help identifying would be great ... (hopefully thinking Platinum ..) Is there any test I can do? Cheers, Bernie
  5. Thanks Steve, I'm not into diving, so might give the full mod a miss, until I really need it ... I could do it though, as I am an Electronics Engineer .. Cheers
  6. Hmm .. interesting advice .. not sure about the control box around the neck, might just splash protect that with some transparent bag so I can still see & adjust controls .. :)
  7. HI Guys, Anyone managed to waterproof the MXT sufficiently to use in the surf? I really like the versatility of the MXT, so don't really want to buy another surf targeted metal detector .. Cheers
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