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  1. Nope, the only coil I've ever used without a cover is the Mars MD Tiger, and they actually recommend not to run with one. I did get supplied with a cover for it, though the molding on it was pretty crap and a poor fit - easier to run without one. I too wore the epoxy through to the bone on a Garrett 8.5x11" coil many years ago by not running a cover - a silly and expensive decision. In the past I could never understand why coil covers were sold by some detector manufacturers as an accessory and not included with the actual detector - a real penny pinching exercise in my book.
  2. Personally I would have preferred a smaller and lighter stock coil, maybe 8" to start out with considering the Simplex was mainly designated as a starter detector to get the younger crowd to take up the brand. I think the decision to run with the larger coil was to satisfy the more experienced detectorist looking for a simplified or backup machine, though with comparable coverage and depth ability to some of the more expensive platforms. As another example, Garrett probably went down the correct path of offering a smaller more lightweight coil on the Apex given its target audience, anything
  3. Likewise, I too can see so many similarities in finds between the US and here for the same period. Mind you I have found an 1800's Indian Head and an 1830's US Eagle Naval buckle here in Oz as well, most likely left behind by US gold miners trying their luck in Oz. Many of these older house sites do have separate stables, denoted by iron and lots of horse tack, buckles and lead rosettes lying around. Am still pondering on whether to buy the 6" coil for the Nox, or just see what turns up the stock coil for now. Just have to be careful on where I tread due to many snakes being on th
  4. To give you an idea of what types of targets were previously cleaned out of the same site with the Deus, here's a few pics for comparison - and yes I dig everything in the search for elusive the gold coin. I do consider myself to be pretty thorough, though you never get everything even after multiple visits (and due to many other contributing factors). If anything there seems to be the perception so far that the Nox 600 punches very deep on the sandy/loamy soils around here, even on the highest reactivity setting. Thankfully there is very little local mineralisation to deal with other
  5. The other coin is a rather toasted early 1900's Australian Commonwealth half penny, not sure about the knob on the iron shaft though the other item is the centre section from an oil lamp. The carbon shaft really completes the Nox, in my opinion it should have been a factory option from the get go. My previous two detectors before the Deus were the Etrac and Explorer SE Pro, so it hasn't taken too long to get reacquainted with the Minelab tones again. The lack of weight is certainly a good thing compared to the FBS machines, I really have been spoiled by the featherweight Deus.
  6. Coming from using mainly the XP Deus on many of my local 1800's sites, I purchased an Equinox 600 to compliment the Deus and to see how it would fare over the same sites. Whilst I am still learning the Nox, so far it has impressed on both depth and ability to squeeze some more targets from what is some pretty difficult ground due to iron contamination (plenty of large nails). Of particular interest was how well it does on the mid to low conductors (damned .22 casings), and in one case pulling an 1863 British penny, fob watch winder and a large iron nail from the same hole. Am pretty keen to
  7. How about a background threshold so you still hear the rejected iron coming through as nulls (as on the Nox), though I suppose the only downside is not being about to hear the iron in detail when walking the coil off a suspect high tone target. You could always set up back to back programs, one running threshold/discrim, and the other with audible iron so you can flick back and forth for a quick test of the target in question.
  8. Too true - when the Explorer SE Pro and G2 were my main two detectors, certain parks I used to hunt had power transformers that caused all sorts of interference issues with the Explorer. Back to the car and out came the G2 - dead quiet in the same location. The only issue I had with the G2 was on outright depth in discrimination mode. It was my partner's main detector due to the simplicity of operation and lack of weight, though found myself constantly rechecking her marginal targets with the more capable Deus to confirm on whether to dig or not. Ended up swapping out the stock coil f
  9. All I know is that my G2 ground balanced and worked fine on the wet, as long as you didn't make contact with the sand itself - though depth ability was always a bit questionable. As for the water itself the G2 would overload a be unusable. Also pretty sure at the time the stock coil ended up ingesting some moisture, possible through cracks in the sealant on the top side - don't think I was alone with such issues. I never used that coil again, ended up sticking with the Detech Ultimate, NEL Hunter and Sharpshooter for general use. I too really liked the G2, FT should have further dev
  10. Also maybe consider the Detech Ultimate 13" coil, extremely light for the size of the coil and good sensitivity to small targets. Still lighter again than the smaller Mars Tiger which is 500 grams vs 480 for the Ultimate.
  11. Also looked on findmall, and Anfibio owners quote the 11" round coil to be around 471-478 grams with cable etc. Note that the coils weighed were with the extra supports built into them, the obviously AF28 no longer has them. I did read somewhere only to expect around an extra inch in depth over the stock coil, though escapes me on where I read that.
  12. Wondering whether this will help out on pairing the Green edition headphones with your gold racer.
  13. You would think the Equinox 800 with the 6" coil and 40kHz (or multi) would come close to being sufficient for both prospecting and regular detecting duties, probably one of the best all-rounders out there. If you use ORX coil underwater, you will require the antenna kit for it to transmit to the controller (wireless signal will cut out when submerged). With an aftermarket carbon fibre shaft (ie. DetectEd), the Nox 800 should be plenty light enough for extended periods of detecting, and possibly be the better all-rounder for the sake of adjustability and waterproofing. I detect with the Deu
  14. On our OZ Makro/Nokta website they quote the Gold Racer being compatible with the Green headphones on serial numbers greater than 6916, similar case with the Racer 2. Looks like only the Racers preceding the mentioned serial numbers run with the optional wireless dongle. Though looking at both the Race and Gold Racer packages, they no longer include wireless headphones in their packages/pro packages, just wired ones. I think the way they get around it is by offering the Ezy Wander wireless module as an accessory to enable the use of wireless headphones.
  15. Despite being mainly a tone hunter, I still prefer to hang on to the remote just in case something goes amiss with the WS4 controller - just as it did the other day with an expired lithium battery after 5 years service. Sometimes I also use the controller on a second shaft and another coil for my partner to use, and I just stick with the WS4 and HF coil for myself (ie. 2 x Deus's). I too do not utilise the full suite of features on the Deus, preferring to stick to Fulltones (Hot)and Pitch for most detecting - I don't have any specific custom programs, just changing a few settings on the
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