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  1. Camo AT Max?😉 At least Garrett had the initiative to produce standalone and inbuilt wireless headphone/pinpointer systems for their detectors. Wireless audio has almost become an industry now, someone should probably make the other US manufacturers aware of that fact - got to move with the times.
  2. Personally I am used to S-style stems, so more of a matter of just getting used to a straight shaft setup again on my 600 - I think the last time I used one was an aftermarket aluminium one on my Garrett Infinium. Ergonomics wise the only think I can really pick on is the lack of full rubber grips on handle, and the tendency for my hand to slip up to the control box all the time. I see there are third party solutions for this issue available on ebay for mounting just under the control box. Can't help but look at the Simplex to see that they had already addressed such issues on their control box grip with the straight shaft setup, very well thought out on the ergonomics side of things. As for the grip angles, I don't think you will please 100% of customers on preferences, regardless of the detector. Engineering wise the Equinox is probably a bit hampered by its battery location for some alternative shaft mounting options, whereas a detector like the Simplex has the control box and inbuilt battery independent and removeable from the grip. That could possibly allow for third party options for an s-bend shaft with control box adapters (thinking something similar to the MARS md universal/collapsible shaft). Also just one other observation, have you seen the Quest Q60 on how you can slide the whole control box/grip up or down the straight shaft using a camlock vs having to shift just the arm cuff?
  3. The situation is no different over here in Oz, no immediate availability from regular detector shops or even Minelab's main outlets (probably only covering pre-orders). Though we have large camping shops here like Anaconda which do actually have stock, so obviously marketing them to the wider public hoping to get them interested in the hobby vs those that already own a more advanced detector.
  4. The silver run continues with the Deus for 2020, same location with a heck of a lot of walking/digging involved. Did plenty of gridding over previously detected ground from various angles and managed a few missed targets, including the silver ring. The area is so large that you would never account for a majority of the targets, simply a matter of going for a wander and seeing what turns up.
  5. Might have more to do with being a bit of a "niche" detector for a limited market and with a relatively high pricepoint vs being a mass produced detector where hype and marketing is never in short supply. It does seem that most prospective buyers are already closely following the development of the AQ, so I am not really sure what else Fisher could already add marketing wise except for some real world field tester reviews. There is also the matter of some manufacturers being burnt from over-hyping detectors without properly sorting quality and build issues prior to release. I could imagine in that respect that some may be a little more cautious on getting things fully sorted before ramping up the marketing side of things. Could be worse, Fisher could have completely held back on releasing any info prior to release - bit of a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't I guess.
  6. Congratulations on a fantastic find and another bucket lister. Am yet to join the gold coin club myself, hopefully there is a gold sovereign out there with my name on it (wishful thinking)!
  7. Personally I would have thought that the 8" elliptical coil from the Vanquish would have been be a good contender as a compromise coil for the Equinox, both for a bit of extra coverage and slightly more depth over the Equinox 6". That's coming from using the favoured 9" coil with the Deus as my main coil to swing these days. Just a good all-round coil size with the right amount of weight/balance over the 11" whilst still providing good depth ability, and without feeling like you are swinging a hockey puck sized 6" (that's for non prospecting duties). Considering the Equinox comes in at a higher price point than the Vanquish series, it would have been nice to have a few more coil options available, or at least provide similar versions of the Vanquish coils to suit the Equinox if third party manufacturers cannot provide other viable options due to patents on the tech.
  8. Here are the latest results from the same site, finished off with I think around 64 silvers all up in total over 4 outings, plus I've added in the results from the very first outing which wasn't posted previously. Ended with over 280 coins ranging from the 2000's through to the 1870's - took around 30 hours of detecting to achieve those results on the Deus. Pretty amazing to think that 1/3 of my 174 silvers for the year came from a single site and only four outings. Going to be damned hard to top that in 2020.
  9. Sometimes it just pays to save up a bit and go with the local distributor, especially considering the cost of shipping, poor exchange rates, import duties and also having to pay 10% GST on top of that. That's if you can find a seller willing to post outside of the US. It wasn't long ago that the oz dollar was at parity with the US dollar, and GST only existed on purchases over $1000, though unfortunately those days are long behind us.
  10. Roobar/Bullbar, some thing really, and a good piece of insurance. More important to have a good LED lightbar to hopefully see wildlife before they become an issue.😉
  11. It was actually in Victoria, I live just over the border!😎 Getting very hard to find the older sterling Florins these day, hence why it is always memorable to see one unearthed - actually 2 so far from this site. Both hunts were each about 6 -7 hours long, so was happy to be swinging such a lightweight detector for the duration - the legs were a different story.😟
  12. You have done pretty damned good yourself, very lucky to have such productive ground literally in your back yard. This spot was a couple hundred kilometre round trip from home, so dodging Kangaroos and Wombats was part of the excitement. I managed to collect a Kangaroo on the way home from the first outing, smashed my front grill though the bullbar did its job thankfully.
  13. Had a bit of luck detecting recently with the Deus and 9" HF coil at a country town, gathering by the result the location hadn't seen a detector before. Ended up with 44 silvers on two successive outings, plenty of predecimal coppers and a bit of petrol money to help cover costs. Most of the silvers are .925, with the odd 50% silver makng up the later dates - the green looking shillings are 50%.
  14. An interesting difference between Garrett US and Garrett Australia sites is the OZ one having the full lineup of NEL coils for the Ace and AT series. Am surprised that there hasn't been a partnership with NEL in the US considering many of their You Tube "users" do run with NEL coils. http://www.garrettaustralia.com.au/nel-coils/
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