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  1. I can't understand the logic of being put off having to charge the wireless coils, what if you forget to charge your Equinox, still the same issue of being a non starter??
  2. Does sound expensive, though I love my Deus to bits and will be likely to upgrade in the future. Just keen to see what it is capable of before taking a leap - the tones/audio on offer will also be of great interest.
  3. 5 years warranty on a waterproof detector shows XP have a lot confidence in their final product. Not that I've ever had an issue with the regular Deus over the years - extremely reliable.
  4. Most likely a bunch of shiny mica flakes going off the second pic.
  5. Here is a couple more outings at the same locality, the 1860 English Shilling was masked by a shallower flattened beer can, hence why many others overlooked it. The lead object with the handle appears to be some sort of stamp, still not 100% sure.
  6. Like most Victorian era jewellery it's only gold gilt, though I do certainly wish it was solid and hallmarked.
  7. Yep, I'm in Southern Australia. Oldest coins we get here are usually KG3.
  8. This was a hunt prior to finding the silver thimble in my previous topic. I have been detecting this house site on and off for a few years now and it still offers some excellent finds if you are patient & persistent. Most finds have been made with the Deus and HF coil using the Hot program, with only minor adjustments made with the reactivity and disc if the iron is unbearable. The property was occupied from the 1850's through to the mid 1900's sometime, and has thrown up plenty of Victorian era coins, relics and jewellery in the past. Probably my favourite find on this trip was the large Ironmonger's token with a beautiful patina, I really don't find many of these in my part of the world - moreso on the Victorian goldfields. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics.
  9. Tried out the new charging clip and it works a charm, easy to clip on the HF coil (unlike the XP clip), and also easy to remove without putting clip under any stress. So far, so good.
  10. I literally just received a 3D printed charging clip from Detecting Doodads in the US, as I have gone through several XP clips in the past. Will give a report on ease of use, fitment etc. before heading out this weekend.
  11. Thanks for the kind comments, yes it was a due reward after chasing many low conductor targets. Still pinning my hopes on finding a full or half gold sovereign one day due to the former residents being quite wealthy. Whether it will be found in the iron contaminated areas or on cleaner ground that is simply too deep for the hf coil remains to be seen.
  12. At long last after many years of crushed and bent copper thimbles, I managed to dig up my first ever silver thimble. It was quite a deep and scratchy target with rhe Deus running the round HF coil, and being packed with soil thankfully it managed to retain its original shape. I been fortunate with many good finds over the last few months around the old house site, will post up some silver coins and relics later on.
  13. You really have to give it to Nokta/Makro on the build quality and robust coil ears provided on these accessory coils, especially when compared some of its competitors.
  14. No there are not many signals, you do come across the odd patch of iron and scattered tin roofing, other than that coins stand out like the proverbial (if you can get your coil to the ground}. Problem is that the finds tend to get dragged a long way from their origin considering the ground has been ripped in the past, so a bit of a lottery on what you will find.
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