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  1. If the Deus LiPo batteries are anything to go by, the Mi-4 should give years of use on the internal battery - and with up to 30 hours life from a single charge. So plenty to like about the Mi-4, and yes all parts are replaceable. You do have to be careful using the TRX in a hole with multiple targets, as despite having "tip only" detection, there is second point of detection further up the TRX shaft that can possibly simultaneously pick up on other targets in the hole.
  2. Think I was about 16 when I purchased a Micronta detector from Tandy Electronics (oz version of Radio Shack). Thought I was going to find loads of gold nuggets and ended up finding lots of buried fencing wire and an inch thick steel plate about a foot down, and also had plenty of bump sensitivity issues with the coil. I first tested out the detector in our front yard and used Dad's wedding ring as a target and couldn't locate it - it was found eventually.😂 Ended up ditching the Micronta and purchased a second hand MInelab XT17000, though had little time to use it once employed in the go
  3. Used mainly the Deus with the 9" HF coil throughout the year, still the most convenient setup with wireless headphones and Mi-6 connectivity, plus lack of weight for extended periods of detecting. Ended up adding the Nox 600 mainly to go over old ground looking for deeper targets (with good success), and recently purchased the Simplex+ with full wireless headphone/pinpointer package as a backup and for the wetter winter months ahead. My Tejon and Infinium have effectively been retired, sold off the F75, and still retain the G2 and Racer 2 as spare units.
  4. Nothing has failed or even worn on my original stem assembly, despite being taken to hell and back over the last five years. Just a brilliant well thought out design that is more robust than one would think. I remember when the Deus first came out that many thought it looked like a toy, and made the assumption that it wouldn't stand up to a beating - they assumed wrong. Also very convenient to receive an extra lower shaft and related accessories with new coil purchases, rather than have to purchase them separately.
  5. I should have said more well balanced vs perfectly balanced, with the battery pack offsetting some of the coil/shaft weight. More to the point is even if it were "perfectly balanced", there is still a reasonable amount weight to have to control on each swing of the coil - something that I don't think I could comfortably deal with these days, especially after using much lighter platforms. I do have to agree that the s-bend Explorer and Etrac shafts were definitely not well balanced. Despite loving the SE Pro, I did end up with a bad case of "trigger finger" after several years of usage, main
  6. One of the main problems with the Equinox is the grip, more to the point your hand wanting to slip up the grip to the screen all the time. Hence you tend to hold the grip quite tightly trying to prevent this from happening which can be tiring after a while. In comparison the Simplex grip is more ergonomically correct with the notch below the screen preventing hand slippage resulting in a much more relaxed hand grip. I do see a lot of people with lower shafts near fully extended when it is maybe not so necessary (depending on how tall you are), personally I prefer a shortened shaft clos
  7. Kellyco also have an inventory of used detectors as well, so hopefully there wasn't a mix up on what was originally purchased. Which detector did you end up purchasing?
  8. Pretty much exactly the same setup as mine. I had to laugh at the over usage of tape, but it was the only way to keep it the damned thing quiet. Both my DD and large mono coil have gone to coil heaven, only the 8" mono has survived at this stage.
  9. I just left the control pod mounted on an aftermarket straight shaft, as I initially had falsing issues from the coil picking up cable movement, lots of electrical tape fixed that problem. Garrett should make a pair of cheap lightweight PI beach and prospecting detectors to replace the Infinium and Sea Hunter The alternative is the heavy and expensive ATX which I would have thought it would have come down in price by now considering its age and competition from Minelab. I know Steve has actively called for a lightweight version of the ATX, though I don't think Garrett are listening.
  10. When I had my Explorer SE Pro and Etrac, I really longed for a lighter MF detector with faster processing and recovery speeds, though still with the discriminating abilities and descriptive audio of the older machines - and with FE/CO ID's. I guess we got part way there with the Equinox answering many requests and wishes, and at a much lower price than expected considering what was on offer. Forward a few years later and many are probably still awaiting a more comprehensive lightweight package to replace the ageing Etrac, and to fill out that void between the Equinox and the CTX which
  11. Mine has been retired now for a while, it was mainly used for beach detecting and was beginning to encounter wear related issues with coil plugs, pins, shielding etc. The demise of our local Garrett dealer/service technician made things even more difficult, especially with regards to getting repairs done without having send the detector interstate. Nothing worst than being down the beach at night for a big session, only to have reoccurring falsing issues crop up again. Much prefer to go with a multi-frequency detector these days to avoid digging so many junk targets (did someone mention
  12. Just had a thought that the "halo" effect on the screen is actually from the clear protective screen cover from when new - noticed it on mine.
  13. The Simplex+ is certainly offers a lot of bang for your buck, really enjoying mine. Are you talking about the auto backlighting coming on when over a target, or the actual icons?
  14. Not waterproof, just the coil - lots of tech talk to try and bolster sales of what is just another generic Chinese VLF detector. All I can say is to support genuine metal detector manufacturers that offer actual aftersales support, especially in these tough economic times. *Noted that this for detectors under $100.
  15. Maybe also try to run without ground balancing, as there may not be a need to do so on the Nox if the ground/site doesn't warrant it, or if you cannot find clean ground to GB. You might find his may settle the detector down more and run more stable without excessive falsing. Worth a try.
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