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  1. I will second everything in this reply!!! The book is incredibly valuable & Gerry was extremely helpful when I spoke with him.
  2. Even the teeny ones are beautiful, but that big one is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats!
  3. Dont still have it & want to part with it do you?
  4. Thanks for your input & encouragement! I ordered the Gold Screamer kit last week & an keeping my eyes open for an 8" momo coil. Looking forward to the snow going away around here so I can get out & play with it!
  5. Thanks everyone. I am into the machines at a pretty reasonable price. They were part of a package with some other prospecting equipment. When you take out the value of the other equipment (a gold wheel & a factory miller table setup) I figure I have $350 or 400 a piece in them. I'm sure they would work fine as is but I have a hard time leaving anything as is. For now I will just tweek one of them. I figure if the one I am using dies I can switch the gold screamer to the other one. As far as an accessory coil goes those are just like shoes for the wife right?😁 Thanks for the input on the 8" coil guys. I will keep an eye open for one! I Brake for Bedrock, really enjoy your videos!
  6. Right now I have 2 stock SD 2100 v2s that I just picked up. stock machines with factory 11" coils(DD according to manual). Will be trying to put them to use in some areas of my home state of Alaska (I do have a GB 2 & GM 2 for VLF friendly areas & conditions) but also hope to use one when we visit family in the Prescott AZ area. May be able to talk my wife into using one but most likely scinario is a primary machine & a backup machine. Right now I am looking at the Docs Gold Screamer kit with Lithium batteries. Also thinking an 8" Mono coil would be a good start for extra coils. Make sense? Recomendations? Would be interested in gently used if someone has one.
  7. Thanks guys, I will ck both of those out. My history is all VLF (GB 2 & GM 2) so all I know is little coil for little bits & big coil for bigger bits deeper... BUT, I love learning!
  8. As I watch for additional coils, what model detectors use the same coil? Both machines have 11" round coils simply labled "GP Series". As I understand these are DD coils? I understand the DDs handle extreme mineralzation batter but the monos go deeper?
  9. Swegin, both machines come to life with both batteries (charged them both) and thats about all I can tell for now with 2' of snow in my back yard & stuck in town. Rvpopeye, you asked for it! Lets start with both of these machines are the SD2100 v2. Is the v2 different from the standard 2100 or were they all v2s? I see aftermarket Gold Screamer LI battery kits but the listed voltage is 8v at full charge while the batteries that came with the machines are 6v. Issues?
  10. I would like to think so... Now I will be the guy asking all the sd2100 questions and putting more money in goodies than the detector is worth. Just like buying a gun or atvπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜‰
  11. Well she surprised me and changed the price drastically based on the info from a couple of classifieds I sent her. Not sure if I should celebrate or not but I dont think I got hurt... Two complete sd 2100v2 detectors, each with 12 & 120v chargers, 1 AZO backpack, one belt pack RPG PH-100RA(Never heard of them so assume junk?) . They were packed in an AZO soft case, and a hard archery case. A Martin prospecting Miller table complete, and a complete Gold Miner spiral wheel setup. Total was $1100.
  12. Thanks Chuck. My GB2 works excellent up here in my local area. Actually I attended one o fSteves classes at AM&D way back when & then a few months later he helped me find my first tiny nugget with the GB 2 at Crow Creek. My GM2 works almost as well on our local gold. My main line of thinking was that if I could find a great deal on a PI machine I would pick it up to use when I visit AZ more than anything, although I know my VLF detectors will do "OK" down there too. If they take my offer Iwill still grab it, but if not I think I will follow the advice here & wait for something newer in a PI machine.
  13. Thanks for the info guys! I offered them $700 for that and a gold wheel they wanted $150 for. Havent heard from them & probably wont. I like the idea of the 3500πŸ‘ Chuck, thanks for trying to help the helpless!πŸ˜‰
  14. Hey guys a quick question. I live in Alaska and most of the gold in my area is smaller. I have an original GB2 & GM2 I can use for that. I have no PI machine and would like to occasionaly hunt in AZ when I visit family in Prescott, & maybe hunt some other areas of AK. I dont want to spend a lot for a machine I will use only occassionaly. Is the SD 2200 stil a good machine? If so whats a fair price for one. One just popped up local for $1000 but not sure it's a bargain...
  15. These guys can be hard to beat for selection & prices on scales. http://www.oldwillknottscales.com/
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