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  1. I pulled the trigger on that deal thanks for the advice. My coil should arrive next week sometime!
  2. Well, I ordered the coiltek 5*10 coil from a UK based dealer last week, The coil has already made it across the pond and is currently in Dallas a 10hr drive from my home, So I should get it in a week or so via UPS, Can't wait to get my hands on it. I have two more on order in the U.S. so when they do show I'll offer them to you guys for what I payed for them, or for trades.
  3. Thanks for info, I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on that.
  4. Has any of you guys recieved a 10*5 coiltek for equinox lately , I've got 2 ordered from different dealers and I'm still waiting....
  5. I'm already getting in there with the stock coil and I'm pulling more nonferrous targets than I believed were still present, I'm running sensitivity at 16 and recovery speed at five in Park 2 and I'm getting small targets amongst the iron. I'm just curious what the smaller coil will recover for me. There is also a highline near by and some emi is present. I Don't think I can get away with any higher sensitivity, you think I should go faster with recovery speed? Thanks for all input,
  6. Im impatiently waiting, I preordered the 10x5 coil with two different dealers. Still waiting..... and I'm watching construction slowly encroach on the colonial to civil war iron infested site I specifically purchased the coil to hunt on. The horrors! May-June is the window I have to hunt the site, The Horrors.
  7. I will try one of the detachable heads and walking staff for handle thanks!
  8. Thanks for the recommendation it looks like they have 5star reviews i think i will try one, I had a gerber given to me and it seems quite fragile.
  9. Thanks, I had a look at that one, its shortest length is 31" collapsed I need 18" or under to fit in my pack
  10. Hey folks, I'm always trying to small down my kit and I've been successful in stuffing all my gear(detector etc.) into a nice compact light weight backpack for back country/far from the road excursions, with the exception of my digging tool, I'm looking for something that is strong enough not to break on me when I'm 3miles from the truck that fits in my pack. A take down shovel of some sort would be great. I've tried mil surp. trenching tools and they don't agree with me. If anyone has suggestions and experience with any particular model I would love to hear them before I start having a tool custom built for me which will be expensive and take time. If this post is in the wrong spot please move to the appropriate group! Thanks
  11. That Gardner is telling of the sites possibilities, Those Rebs didn't drop alot of bullets, I'd be beating it up looking for buttons!
  12. Love the silver, Ringtail sharps is nice too, that's a great hunt!
  13. Thanks for interest, the relics from this site are mostly still in dirty condition in riker cases. At some point I will get to cleaning and detailed identification of each piece.
  14. Perhaps you will recognize the back mark, button hasn't been cleaned and the backmark as is doesn't stand out to me as familiar with what I can see.
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