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  1. Yes that’s true, the amount epoxy varies on each BEAST coil. My personal one isn’t really over filled. The coil though, is not perfectly round being 11 3/4” from top to heel and 12” wide. So even if it did fit, you’d still be getting all kinds of dirt and sand coming in at the top and heel. Not cool. Aaron
  2. It’s not meant to be sarcastic. If anyone could provide a answer it Dimitar, he’s always available and only a phone call away. That would have been the first thing I would have done if I was having problems, especially after buying the big coil. Aaron
  3. Your still having this problem and haven’t called Dimitar yet??? 🤔 Aaron https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/18
  4. Hey Jim, I’m the same way with learning, always looking for ways to imbed things into my mind. I’m a visual type person. Maybe you watched my video on setting the salinity balance. I used a card showing all the frequencies and a good ballpark salinity balance setting. I used to carry it with me until it was locked in my memory. That was the only thing I needed, the rest is pretty easy. The TARSACCI is a lot easier to run than you think. I think I told you on the phone or someone else, the TARSACCI controls and settings are about as easy as you’ll find. There’s no sub menus and dozens of d
  5. I personally use disc mode most of the time for dirt hunting, however mixed mode is really good for target sizing and easy to toggle back and for between disc. I have also discovered that mixed mode seems to be better for me for water hunting especially in iron as I find I’m getting more audio intelligence. Aaron
  6. I’m glad somebody finally noticed this.....👍 Aaron
  7. There are TARSACCI users in Lake Tahoe with black sand and other Northern California black sand salt beach’s that are using the TARSACCI with great success. One really good example is from one of our users in New Zealand with a very HOSTILE black sand environment. Check the link.... https://forums.tarsaccisales.com/forum/1/hello-nz Aaron
  8. Hey Chuck, Thats correct, once the pigtail is connected the speaker is deactivated. Don’t worry about dirt or dust getting in the M8 connector, you can always flush it out with some water. It’s IP68 waterproof. 😊👍 Aaron
  9. Dave, Very nice write up👍 Have you tried just running the cable along side of the rod instead of wrapping it around? Note my pictures, I have the cable wrapped once around the bottom and once around the top and the pin is in the bottom hole. You don’t even need to wrap it around the top, however I would at the bottom (so I have cable to spare). Also note that the rods do NOT need the spring pins to go into the holes for them to fasten. The locks work great without the springs. The locks are also adjustable by simply turning the handles. So you can still squeak out around another inch th
  10. Yes, that’s correct. When the TRACKING is activated your GB number will NOT change, however be assured, it IS TRACKING. Thanks. Aaron
  11. Many folks have inquired just how does tracking work and how do you set it? Here’s a quick video that explains everything! Aaron
  12. That’s great to hear Chuck, I’m really glad to hear that!👍 I hope your able to get some time in on the unit before it gets to hot down there! 🥵 Aaron
  13. I ended up getting out in the lake last weekend & finding another really deep Buffalo with co-located iron. Not too much else, people won’t start swimming till the end of May. I stick to the iron areas that most avoid, going slow. Thanks, Aaron
  14. Glad to hear you got it Chuck, looking forward to your first report. Give me a holler if you need some help. Aaron
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