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  1. Thanks, can’t wait to get out again
  2. Some recent finds with the 10 inch x coil
  3. Picked up my 10 inch x coil during the week, good to get out to my usual spot, picked up these in 2 hours detecting, really impressed with this coil.
  4. Yeah it looks nice but it’s really thin
  5. Good weather on the long weekend, picked up these from my usual spot with the 17x12
  6. was good to get out to the golden triangle again after lockdown, picked up these
  7. Norvic no i got one made up for me, yeah I’m thinking about maybe getting the 10 inch as well, how have you found that?
  8. It’s the 17 x 12, I found this a few months ago as well,
  9. Hey mate I got the scales from prospectors patch, I think there based in WA
  10. Yeah there good scales I bought them online from a store in Australia, I’ll see if I can find the site, I only post these finds so people get an accurate review of the x-coils, Since getting it I have had nothing but good results and I’m a amateur prospector, looking forward to see how the new nuggetfinder coils perform in comparison.
  11. More gold found in the hot grounds in the golden triangle with x coil, ferrite balanced fine and made no more noise the the minelab coil!!!
  12. I can’t stand reading your biased posts anymore jp, your the only one reporting these so called problems with x coils, I have the 17x12 elliptical on my gpz and its so much better than the minelab coils, all my gold has been found in hot ground that I have been over with the mine lab coils!! I have found this in my first 4 trips out with it
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