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  1. So, I'm going to get another pinpointer for a backup, and would like something to compliment (or replace) my Garrett Pro-pointer AT. I've heard good things about the Teknetics Tek-Point , and the Fisher F-Pulse, which I believe are essentially the same product. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  2. If I'm understanding this thread correctly, the problem that needs to be addressed is the "natural" reproduction of the audio signal input into the headphones. It seems most headphones produced for the listening consumer market color the sound by favoring bass frequencies. What detectorists are looking for is essentially the same thing an audio engineer/producer is looking for - accurate reproduction of the input signal. An audio engineer would never mix down an album using "boom box" speakers. They would insist on a quality studio monitor with a frequency response that didn't favor any particular frequency and reproduced all frequencies as given. If I was unhappy with the audio quality I was finding in consumer headphones, I would start looking at headphones specifically made for mixing accurately reproduced audio, as opposed to headphones made for casual listening. They will cost more... 😉
  3. If the Fed keeps printing money like they have been, really low. 🤦‍♂️
  4. I kept the ad pretty nebulous: "Found gold ring in Helena park. Tell me what park and what the inscription is, and it will be returned."
  5. Thanks Chase! I was already hooked. Now I'm obsessed.😁
  6. I was just going to say I found a plain gold band with an inscription and a date. Give me the the inscription, date, and where you lost it, and it's yours. 😇 It was down about five inches, probably been there awhile, so I doubt I'll get any real responses, but if I can return it to the original owner, I will.
  7. I definitely will. No initials, just a dedication and a date.
  8. A few weeks ago, inspired by some threads in the jewelry forum, I started shifting my focus from cherry picking coins, to digging possible jewelry signals using the Equinox 800. I actually started finding some, as shown in the first picture below. I was becoming a little frustrated, as (with the exception of one tiny silver ring), all I was finding was “crap” jewelry. That changed this morning. It’s been getting wicked hot here in Montana, so I’ve been out in the parks early. I was in one of the main city parks this morning (A park I’ve pulled a ton of coins out of, including a couple of Mercs and a war nickel), searching a different section away from the stage area where they have concerts, etc., when I got a solid 18/19 signal, consistent in all directions. I’ve dug many, many signals in this range, and most turn out to be some sort of can tab, but those signals have always been kind of "janky" and change or disappear with the direction of the swing. This one did not. I pinpointed. I dug. The target was right at the bottom of the plug. A glint of gold! I popped it out with my finger to reveal my first gold find! 4.74 grams of 10k plain gold band, with a current melt value of almost $125.00! Yes, I did a gold dance! This one find helped codify what signals I could/should/might be looking for. I know it’s not the end all be all, but the signal was SO strong and clear compared to all the aluminum tabs I’ve dug, the contrast was revelatory. I feel I’ve made a huge leap in understanding. The ring has an inscription and a date from 20 years ago, so I think I will put a craigslist ad in lost and found. Still a noob. ~Bash
  9. Super nice! And a fine detecting partner as well!
  10. Wonder why they embed the update instead of just downloading the update file into the app? 🤔
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