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  1. If I'm understanding this thread correctly, the problem that needs to be addressed is the "natural" reproduction of the audio signal input into the headphones.  It seems most headphones produced for the listening consumer market color the sound by favoring bass frequencies.  What detectorists are looking for is essentially the same thing an audio engineer/producer is looking for - accurate reproduction of the input signal. An audio engineer would never mix down an album using "boom box" speakers. They would insist on a quality studio monitor with a frequency response that didn't favor any particular frequency and reproduced all frequencies as given. 

    If I was unhappy with the audio quality I was finding in consumer headphones, I would start looking at headphones specifically made for mixing accurately reproduced audio, as opposed to headphones made for casual listening.

    They will cost more... 😉

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  2. 16 minutes ago, kac said:

    Not sure how Craigslist would work out on something like that, always seems shady to me but I tend to be skeptical about those things.

    I kept the ad pretty nebulous:

    "Found gold ring in Helena park. Tell me what park and what the inscription is, and it will be returned."

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  3. 1 hour ago, Chase Goldman said:

    Seriously though, great saves.  Finding your first gold is a great feeling and now you are definitely hooked, if you weren't before.  Yes, gold sounds as sweet as it looks.

    Thanks Chase!

    I was already hooked. Now I'm obsessed.😁

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  4. 9 minutes ago, GB_Amateur said:

    You mean you're going to put those two in the ad?  Another approach is to say there is an inscription and date on the inner surface and require the 'loser weeper' to say what it is.  (Maybe that is what your plan was....)


    I was just going to say I found a plain gold band with an inscription and a date.  Give me the the inscription, date, and where you lost it, and it's yours. 😇

    It was down about five inches, probably been there awhile, so I doubt I'll get any real responses, but if I can return it to the original owner, I will.

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  5. 47 minutes ago, nordic said:

    I think ML updates are embedded into the update utility, therefore you would need to discard old and download the latest one from the website.

    I did mine today, went fine. Not sure if I need to reset the unit before and after though as with previous versions, but I did anyway.


    30 minutes ago, TedinVT said:

    Yes, as Nordic says above, you need to download and run the new update installer.  You ran the version 2 installer.

    Thanks!  All bettah!  Off to the Park!

  6. Congrats on that first coin! 

    My first was only a few months ago - it's a great feeling!  Like bigtim said, keep looking around that area; there may be silver!  I found my first Merc dime just a few feet from where I found my first wheatie.

    Good luck on your next hunt!

  7. Welcome Explorer!

    Well you've come to the right place for answers.  I bought my 800 based on what I learned researching on this forum.  There's a bunch of friendly and knowledgeable folks here, that can answer pretty much any detecting question there is. As a new detectorist, I'd be lost without this forum!


  8. Have been pretty good.  I had been cherry picking the parks for coins, and picked up about $35 in clad, and a few silvers, including a bucket list war nickel! I recently started focusing more on those jewelry range signals, and have started finding some. I'll post those finds in the jewelry forum.  Feeling good about my progress with the Nox so far!

    Here's some pics of the silvers, and one of the total haul, minus the junk and some of the clad that's already been cleaned.







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  9. Hey DF!

    Welcome to the best MD forum around!  I'm a very new detectorist - less than four months...  I have learned tons here.  I'll look forward to your posts and photos!


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