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  1. Welcome aboard, Kevin! You've landed in a great place. Looking forward to hearing more about your detecting adventures.
  2. Welcome David! You've arrived at the best detecting forum on the net! Looking forward to your contributions. ~Bash
  3. Welcome to the forum! Where in Montana are you? I'm currently in Helena. I think you made a great choice with the Equinox. I have the 800, and even though it makes my brain spin sometimes, I love it! Be sure and post pictures of your finds, and good luck! ~Bash
  4. Hey Boris, Welcome to the best detecting forum on the net! If you've got questions, there's answers here. ~Bash
  5. I loved watching Bob, and still do at times. My favorite quote of his? "There's no mistakes; just happy accidents." 👍
  6. Spot on review! My 440 is my backup, but I really enjoy using it!
  7. Welcome, canoe! You've come to the right place for all things detecting. Enjoy!
  8. I was playing around with the Vanquish 440 in the parking strip yesterday afternoon, when I got a very strong consistent signal in the 4 -6 range. I haven't been digging many signals in this range, as I don't get many, and all I have dug, have been trash. This one was strong and not choppy at all, so I proceeded to dig. Glad I did! I pulled out a James M. Cox presidential campaign stud from the 1920 presidential election. His running mate was Franklin D. Roosevelt! They lost to the Harding - Coolidge ticket. This is pretty degraded, but cool to find just the same. Gonna have to go back and dig those lower signals! I've included a picture of one in good condition.
  9. That is simply awesome! Congratulations! If I found that, I would need new underwear. 🤣
  10. Hey Sid, First I'll point you to a similar question I asked several weeks ago, and got some great answers that really helped my progress with the Equinox 800. It's this thread: I struggled with this at first too. The Equinox is a very "hot" detector. Hot meaning it's extremely sensitive, to both targets and ground conditions. So first off make sure you perform the recommended noise cancellation and ground balancing procedures. Secondly I found it very helpful to turn the sensitivity down from the default of 20. I was running it in the 14 to 16 range, sometimes going to 18 for the first few weeks with good results. I'm a new detectorist and I'm sure some more experienced folks will chime in here. But suffice to say the Nox can be a bit overwhelming at first, but totally worth the time it takes to learn. I highly recommend getting Andy Sabisch's Equinox book. It was a great help to me. I have limited experience, but I hope this helps a bit. ~Bash
  11. Welcome, Mike! You've come to the right place for all your detecting questions. I learn things here every day! ~Bash
  12. Thanks for the research 2Valen! I need to find its companions!
  13. Welcome Caretaker! You've joined the best detecting forum on the internet! Looking forward to hearing more from you.
  14. Ooooo, great tip GB! Thanks! I had actually started avoiding the zinclon TIDs, as I was digging so many and they were so trashed. Gonna hit the parking strips again, and hope I can snag an IH!
  15. Hey Ketch, Welcome to the forum! You've made a good choice researching on the forum before purchasing. I got my detector at the end of March after doing the same thing. Lots of helpful information here, and even more helpful (and friendly) folks. Let us know what you wind up getting! ~Bash
  16. Beginners luck on my part, Chase. And fertile ground it seems. 😇 But I haven't found any silver for over two weeks now!
  17. After a bit of a drought of finding cool coins with the Equinox, I found another V nickel detecting in the neighbors parking strip in between thunderstorms. It was pretty worn and pitted, and not of any numismatic value, so I cleaned it up a bit.
  18. Welcome to the forum, Rick. This is the best place on the net for detecting! As a pretty new detectorist, I've already learned tons from the nice folks here. Be sure and post pictures of your finds! ~Bash
  19. Roger that, Chase. I think I'll just be happy with a cool find, and leave it be.
  20. I'll try and give the back a bit of a clean and see what's under there. The dating makes good sense, as the park was first established in the 1880s. Any suggestions on cleaning? I certainly don't want to damage the button face. I love this forum! Thanks guys!
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