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  1. WWWWELLLLLLLLL...... I have 2 teenage daughter's that don't let my gold get close to being saved .... it all goes to their needs which anybody that knows about teenage girls.....ITS EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!
  2. That's a pretty nice nugget but even a more interesting piece of family history...
  3. Steve Idk how u do it...for me to gain all u r knowledge I'd have to live 100 more yrs...I'm working real hard to get one of the GPX4500. ..the for all the helpful info..
  4. Went out to Rye Patch this weekend and got skunked actually my brother got skunked as well but had a good time and darkened up my tan... I think I was doing something wrong ....did find alot of crystals and cleaned up all the lead out there and bullets for the next man... oh and forgot all my #s at the house along with my phone charger so needless to say I was roughing it decent...
  5. Went in there this weekend got a big pizza... great food...not really a drinker and just drove 300 miles and was tired a beer wasn't in the plan..
  6. Thnx Fred ...hope I see a rattler ...he'll be joining me for dinner... country boy style!!!!
  7. Wow I wasn't able to get that kind of service from fisher...10 emails 5 phone calls on a gb2 that was less than a yr old... told me they would get back to me and here it is 7 mths later and still no word...not to mention they acknowledged their fault .. ..sold the machine cause they just peed me off with their attitude...but that's me...good to hear someone got results..
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