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  1. Thank you for the input from all.....as far as this being a part of a broken tool, just looking at it and its form, it is hard to imagine that as the source, but not knowing what it is, its possible. i laughed after the mention of the hammer treatment, it has been considered as well as considering prying it apart . it does appear to be soft enough to be easily scratched at least in certain areas.for me , if it is quite malleable, im limited still as to its makeup . It does appear to be in a molten state to form as it has. of the handful of people the handled it and took time to lo
  2. as far as if it is ferromagnetic, i cant say, i could use a magnetometer reading before and after applying a strong magnet, but have not done so .
  3. I really appreciate the questions, my location is east central Iowa within a couple of miles of the Mississippi River. This has been sitting untouched in a box for 20 years, it was only rinsed with water prior to being squirreled away.As far as a clean surface, it is clean unless you mean using a cleaner , i have not cleaned it. i have not done a streak test. As far as it not being in its natural state, it does have an appearance as such, but under a glass, it is one strange rock especially considering the circumstances under which it was found, despite not witnessing its unearthing personally
  4. This piece was found in a load of locally quarried limestone. It weighs 195 grams. A basic water displacement test gives approximately 11.5 g per cubic centimeter. It exhibits clear magnetic and strong paramagnetic qualities. It also has stony material in/on it. Any input would be appreciated.
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