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  1. I am pretty sure of purchasing the Equinox 600 or 800( when our current pandemic is over) but not sure I really need the 800 as I do not plan of gold searching. I mainly just do old homesteads etc. I am wanting to return to some of my old sites with a new detector and see what I might have missed. So anyone who has actually compared or has knowledge of the 600 compared to the 800, do I really need the 800? Did a youtube search and am still confused!!
  2. Well with the COVID-19 pandemic, I will not be purchasing a new detector this spring.... My business in which I am self-employed is all but shut down and will put my money toward bills etc. Hope everyone is staying safe and feeling well and pray this will soon be over!
  3. Another snowstorm about to hit us here in SD, guess I get to keep researching but am pretty well decided on the Equinox 800.
  4. I want to say thanks for your info so far!!! It helps to have someone to talk to helping me make the best decision. I am trying to give all the comparable detectors a look before purchasing as it will probably be the last one I buy. Thanks again!!
  5. I am still looking around at videos etc. What can you tell me about the Fisher F75? Compared to the Equinox 800.
  6. My old Garrett still works to. I have just kind of lost faith in it after looking at videos of the newer machines. I was going to stay with a Garrett at first until I watched a video of the At max in action. The annoying buzzing sound reminded of a cheap Radio Shack detector I first started out with. Loved the tone of the old Groundhog as it was easy for me to tell the difference in them. Even bought a larger coil, 12 inch I think for it. Never found much with it tho. I also see videos that show depth on these new detectors aka bench tests and plants in the ground that sure seem to be lots deeper than I ever remember the Groundhog going. Also the auto setting on it would kind of drive you nuts. Used it most in the VLF mode and manual on the other mode, not remembering what it was without looking at it. Hoping to get away from that with a new machine. Have not seen much about the Garrett GTI 2500, anyone have any info on that???
  7. I have not been detecting in years but want to get back into it. In late 1980's I purchased a Garrett Groundhog and had lots of success with it. I am thinking that detector is out of date now and have been looking at others in the mid price range. I have kind of decided it will not be a Garrett this time and was looking at the Nokta Makro Anfibio multi but have kind of decided on the Minelab Equinox 800. I do like the sound of the Equinox way better than the other 2. Looking for info from people on here, would this be a good choice? Anyone have any different suggestions? I have done all my research online as here in Rural South Dakota there is no dealers or shops. Thanks!!
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