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  1. I did a search on forums for possible locations in Sumpter as we are going to be there June 22-25. Most of them where older. Is there some public areas that we can detect there? Or is there a organization that I can pay for access? While were there just hate to miss an opportunity slip away. Also going to Burns and John Day fossil area if anyone knows of some possibilities....detecting or other rockhounding activities... Thanks!
  2. WOW! thanks for all the advice! Makes a lot of sense...Im going to reset and try as suggested. Its funny I also do astrophotography....8 years later still trying to get right! So I will be patient...Love learning new stuff ...am printing all of this and will work at a quiet spot and gain some confidence with a variety of planted objects. Thanks as well for the EMI info.. Thanks again for all your feedback!
  3. HI Im brand new to detecting and have the Nox 800. I thought id do a test bed and search around home first before going out...Im having a issue trying to figure out what is what...I have a VID numbers list but not sure i see galvanized nails, bolts washers etc... My readings are all over the place...so just started digging up yard 😂. Tons of stainless steel nails (For siding i assume) as well..when i go over these targets in park 2, 15hz and multi i get readings of 24-30and they also jump all over...so I go into all metal mode...Then changes to mostly less than 0 #s as well the higher numbers...Ive also have gone 90 deg to targets as well and get same reading. So getting a bit frustrating... I have threshold at 0, sensitivity at 20 or less, 2 breaks less than 0 for ferrous (volume at lowest setting) and then above 0 for non ferrous, recovery speed at 2 ....is there just too much trash and am i better just to go to a park to learn? there also seems to be a lot of black sands and small pebbles that are magnetized as well as a magnet picked up a lot..and my pinpointer was going off like crazy and i couldn't even find the target I know Im all over place here but a little guidance would be much appreciated! thanks!
  4. hi Just bought my first detector, the NOX 800....Im sure will have a ton of questions at some point. We do a lot of traveling and wanted to get a hard case for it. Any suggestions? thanks Richard
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