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  1. went out today,handfull of over two hundred year old square nails, all in the teens round signal all directions,strong signal. in f2 3. I don't know if there is away around this.
  2. seems like 5 is the way to go. I don't detect parks.only old colonial sites in upstate ny.after not finding anything for 2 years at my house that was built in the late 1700s.i pulled out 2 colonial buttons .mind you they were both under old rusty nails, not modern nails.i don't know if the detector ,which is the nox 600 at 5,was targeting the nails and I just so happened to find buttons underneath or if the detector actually found the buttons.i have gotten signals the same and they only produced colonial rusty objects,mostly nails.
  3. I am new to the eqinox 600 but over the years have poun ded my 1700s house that I live in so I detect almost every day. have been over it with multiple high end machines.been detecting the last two years nothing found. last few months detetected with nox 600 in multi freq. ,nothing. yesterday tried single freq. 5. pulled a deep colonial button over a foot down. and some deep relics. looks like its good for deep high conductors. going to test some more,will let you know how I make out.still digging hand full of rusty nails though,i guess that's just the name of the game. but after 2 years not finding anything,then finding a button and relics,thats awesome.
  4. Hi Nordic,thankyou for your reply,the teens I am getting are round and no breaks in signal,also after digging down about a foot the vdi turns to 1 something,and a steady 1,but no object is found. Again any reply is appreciated 😊 thanks again Nordic ,happy hunting
  5. I have a eqinox 600,where i live is a 1700s site.been detecting it for 20 years with a number of high end machines,also buddies of mine detecting it,year before last pulled out 13 large cents with my atpro.just a little side note atpro not used in pro mode is useless,in pro mode its awesome totally different machine. but back to why im posting,everything im detecting is mostly in the teens,strong signal ,rotate around the target, still a strong signal,dig rusty nail.everytime.i have iron bias at 3. most targets are going to be below 13 inches that is where my atpro massed out.so my question is why the teen vdi numbers for iron and is there a way to get past the 13 inch mark. sidenote, the house I live was George washingtons surgeon during the revolutionary war. any help is greatly appreciated.
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