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  1. i like old analogic metal detector, my favourite brand is white's. The only way here in Italy to have a GMZ was to bought it from aliexpress, also White's now probably stop production, i prefer original metal detector and not china clone but there was only this way to have it 😬
  2. yes the metal detector works, with some hammer job i think to restore it. i will make a viseo i tought that the gmz was based on the gmt, but he pcb is different, there are some empty spot on the pcb of my gmz. maybe was used also for other metal detector. i bought this beacuse in italy is impossible to find a gmz, and buy from America is too expensive for the shipping. maybe is helpful for some user that have the gmz and need spare parts
  3. Hello my friends. i bought a white's GMZ from aliexpress, i know that fake metal detector is a bad thing, i love white's but now the gmz is out of production and i want it at all cost, please don't judge me too hard for bought this Link Removed the metal detector come in a bad shape, very dented, but the fault was only of the custom and shipping company The seller is very professional, now want to refund me, i know is not his fault. the metal was very well protected. in italy now there is a lock down so i will spend some time to restor the metal control box also,
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