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  1. I disagree, all my gold prospecting is done in rivers, if it is not submersible it is no use to me.
  2. I have plenty of pickers that have came up with minus figures, but saying that a lot of them have iron oxides coted on them. All of hunting is done in streams on bedrock, and as a result the bedrock can mask the target and result in lower minus VDI's. In fact I have found pickers that came up at -9. When I get a -9 VDI, I check the target in pinpoint, if I get a positive pinpoint I will dig and 9 times out of 10 it will be a picker. if I get a "null" in pinpoint, with experience I leave it be.
  3. The 800 of course, no prospecting mode on the 600. Lol you didn't see the others, the head of a 11kg pneumatic calking gun blew off and mashed them up against a stainless blade. On my knees with the pain for about 30min with the pain before I could even look at them, sore is not the word.
  4. There has being a lot of speculation about this nugget. For starters Lee Palmer was not the supposed finder, and it conveniently came to light with the release of Lee Palmers new book "Gold occurrences in the UK"???? Apart from that, there has no providence supplied that proves it was found in Scotland. As for the biggest in the UK, there is historic reports of a 2lb nugget found back in the day.
  5. I have had quite a few since, lost count actually. Since I finally gave in and got me a Nox, my find rate has gone through the roof over my Tdi. Here is my biggest so far.
  6. Don't quote me on the exact figures but if the battery was 14v like on the Pro it will draw around 0.5A but the nimh battery is only 9.6v so the draw would be around 0.3A. The internal resistance of the machine does not change so if a lower voltage is applied, the current draw will be smaller according to the law of physics V=IR.
  7. The compression of the scale is the sole reason I did not buy an Equinox, I am not holding my breath either hoping Minelab will address the problem. I am afraid its the way it is and it wont be fixed. I don't see the point in buying a multifrequency machine and then having to hunt in 5khz, might as well use what I have all ready. We asked for years to have the lower portion in the combine screen on the CTX to be split, only to fall on deaf ears.
  8. Recent UK 5p and 10p coins are clad iron, if you reject iron you will them also along with modern iron clad 1p and 2p coins.
  9. No they should of made the decision on the laws of physics/ergonomics. The S type with separate handle is best ergonomically over the straight or classic s types, and its not just my opinion, its fact. I know weight distribution can make any shaft design feel unbalanced and thus un-ergonomic, but why not just start out with the proven design in the first place???
  10. Exactly what I said its all about aesthetics these days and not ergonomics.
  11. I guess Minelab don't read all posts after all. http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/1564-what-type-of-metal-detector-shaft-design-do-you-prefer/
  12. Why only compare it to other waterproof detectors? Why not compare it to, lets say the X-Terra? Its totally beyond me why Minelab took a step backwards by putting a straight shaft on the Equinox when they all had the perfect design? In all fairness how much extra would it cost to put a pair of bends in the middle shaft. Its all about aesthetics these days and not ergonomics. They, at least could have made the middle shaft interchangeable with X-Terra middle shaft, bet the sales of X-Terra middles would have gone through the roof.
  13. That is just mental torture looking at that and to think I have tens of 1000's of those on my site, let alone the crown caps
  14. Yes you are correct, its a modern festival site so there are only modern square tabs on there. I have done over 1000 hours on there and only ever found 2 gold rings. I used to dig everything above and below the square tab, but I gave up digging the lower signals now. Its just not worth it. I have found 100's of silver rings etc but only the 2 gold rings, young people just don't ware gold, Yes most square tabs are 13/14 but a high percentage are 15/16 which is the problem.
  15. This is exactly what I am talking about, on other machines you will tell them apart. The Deus for example, Beer can square tabs 48-52 Uk 20p coin = 55/56 Euro €2 = 68-70 Other Euro coins, old UK £1 an £2 = 70-79 Crown Caps = 82 and up. The Equinox puts everything above in a small range 15-22, worse still, tabs, crown caps and €2 = 15-16???. They just seam to have crammed a whole VDI range into 2 VDI numbers??? What do the £1 and £2 ring up on the Equinox? I dig quite a few UK 20p coins, 99% I know what it is before digging, I only dig them just in case it might be a gold ring. Its the same for all other detectors, ie Fisher, AKA, Rutus, Garreth Whites even other Minelabs, I have used there, not just the Deus.
  16. Yes we did notice that Park!/Field1 was best, it makes me wonder should we have being looking at the beach programmes now since they have an even lower frequency bias? Does Beach1 have a lower frequency weighting than Park1?? I know Beach2 has a lower weighting but transmit power is lower in Beach2?? Yes I could end up with a machine I also hated but the question is will it get the job done in this particular situation? I all ready know it will do a better job in most cases but this one situation is a deal breaker for me, so much so I will sacrifice all other types of detecting for it, hence why I am stuck with the awful French thing. We wont give up, we will put the nox through its paces and if it can be done it will be done.
  17. The thing is on all other detectors I have tested I have not had these problems with these specific type of targets. The VDI range for Euro coins (not counting the low value copper clad) is very tight, square tabs off modern beer cans are notably lower and crown caps are notably higher. Yes you will get exceptions to the rule but in general that rule applies to most detectors. With the nox everything just seams to grouped together in that mid range area.
  18. This is exactly what I was hoping to do, we will do a lot more testing to see if it can be done in our case but as they are so close I don't think it will be possible. Maybe we will just have to dig a certain amount of junk and then compare results to other detectors. Coins at the festival sites are not that corroded.
  19. I know exactly know what you are talking about but the particular make up of the €2 coin makes it sound junky on most machines and thus VDI identification is a must. Just look at what changing the frequency on the nox above does to the vdi of the €2 which is very like what happens to crown caps.
  20. Not really Steve unless you want to join a specific brand forum and make 500 posts you can make/see posts on other brand detectors. I don't really do other forums any more but it has being reported on the Equinox Users group on facebook, I also had 3 different people pm me saying I will not be happy with it with my type of hunting and no I will not name them. As for the UK, they are not in the Eurozone are they? hence why I was asking had any one tested the response to the new £1 and £2 coins, both of which are now bi-metal and fall into the same range on other detectors. Its not rocket science, the €2 at the best of times gives a junky signal and according to the VDI chart published by Minelab the €2 has a VDI of 16, all that has to be done is test some square tabs and crown caps. Don't get me wrong I am very impressed with the Nox as a relic hunter. Not all bi metal coins have the same junky signal as the €2, the €1 is rock solid, I am just wondering about the new bi-metal UK and Turkish coins also. If it has not being reported up to now, well it is now, right?
  21. Its a toss up between the Deus and the Rutus Alter 71. The Rutus has slightly better id capabilities than the Deus but the ability of the Deus to lock onto and pinpoint a target trumps the Rutus. The best detector, id wise by a long shot was the CTX but it was just to slow and heavy.
  22. I actually hate the Deus and only have it because its so light and fast, when digging 500+ targets a day its a must. I was really looking forward to the weight of a Deus with the id capabilities of the CTX. To say I am a little pi'ed off would be an under statement. Just what they thinking making them all have the same VDI is beyond me??? Thank God I did not pre order one, I just cant afford to have multiple machines, as it stands I don't have a beach Id machine or a prospecting vlf. The nox sounded like the perfect solution. From what I have heard a lot of Euro coin hunters are not happy at all. Steve you are always saying Minelab will read good posts so here go's. Minelab, the 2 most modern common trash items producing the same VDI as a €2 coin, the premier coin for over 350 million people, just what were you thinking of?? Were there one testers in the Eurozone?? If I am coming over as anti Minelab, I am not, I am just pi'ed off.
  23. Here is a chart a friend sent me of VDI's produced in Field2 which prompted me to do some testing, the fact that square tabs fell into the €2 range also, in multi, horrified me.
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