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  1. Almost all I've read here for several months now is about one detector brand vs the same brand model questions, comparisons, personal reviews and such. I thought most of these should be on that brand forum(which I follow religiously) and this was a forum about showing finds and and talking about new areas, how to and so on..... Sorry If I'm wrong.....please say so and I'll fade away.
  2. Here's a good site to get some locations as well as some interesting stories. https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/search/pages/results/?state=&date1=1890&date2=1960&proxtext=gold+dredge&x=0&y=0&dateFilterType=yearRange&rows=20&searchType=basic
  3. I look at google maps in states that have a gold rush type history for signs of dredging. The piles are pretty easy to spot along rivers and creeks, as well as a lot of old mine tailings and spoils. They didn't go to the expense and time to set up a bucket dredge just to clean a small area. Mine tailings usually look like small white spots in the middle of no where, usually along remnants of trails and roads that are no longer used much.
  4. This picture is 3 weeks old, I 'm waiting for a today update. My grandson discovered metal detecting "for treasure" on tv. He's watched countless videos of how to and getting big finds and then my son told him I used to detect. Next step, using my old Whites spectrum in the back yard....he keeps finding stuff I've missed after 15 yrs of "cleaning it out". This Christmas his parents and I got him a basic set up with all the tools; pin pointer, shovel and belt with a trash bag. I gotta work on his making a smaller hole and leaving no trace But, damn I'm proud of him.
  5. I'm sitting here watching my gas fireplace and not having to deal with the ash and such....life is good my friends.
  6. Holy Crap Batman! That's a super villains treasure and I think I filled my pant's just looking at the pictures!!!!!! Totally exceptional finds my friend. Keep on keeping on!!!!!!
  7. Holy crap Batman, that's a big OLD cat. He can move a mountain with that 'ol bugger. The drive wheel and grousers are looking to be about worn out, it won't be long before it throws a track and then the big cat gets angry and will not turn on you........Beware Scott!!!!
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