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    Coin collecting, coin roll hunting, relics
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    Minelab Equinox 800, XP Orx/Deus Lite, Teknetics Tek-Point, XP MI-6

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  1. Thanks, 2Valen! Yeah, it's crazy and surreal how it is here. I decided to not go metal detecting and I'm itching for it. Oh well, it's better to keep the family safe during this time. Cool, I'll look up that beach and see if I could go there when it gets safer. I live in the city so most my hunts are in city parks, beaches and the occasional home garden permissions. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks! Not that I have yet. The closest is probably the beaches, not in the water.
  3. Hey, thanks, Dogodog! Nice handle by the way. Lol I've found a few nice ones in Chicago parks that I might share soon. Thanks again and stay safe.
  4. Hello from Chicago! I'm Blue and I just started metal detecting last December and it's been great. I'm still learning a lot about my machines and having a grand time with them. Unfortunately, it's not going too great outside right now so I guess it's the best time to do research for new spots. 🙂🙃 Just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone!
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