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  1. From what i’ve heard whites factory is closed in the states there shops are still open but not for long so i doubt you would be able to buy one in Australia soon i saw a tdi on ebay for $3000 aussie dollars
  2. Cool thanks again Steve for your suggestions I added a few pics and have edited the post I think I will probably stick with getting the Aussie mono coil for now even though I'm not sure what the difference is from field coil but will research that some more Cheers
  3. Thx Steve for your input Im new to detectors and tried the high q again and yes I must of been trying to small of a piece to detect on the outer coil so I think I have all the settings right because I'm going out for a few days to give it a swing since I will mainly be searching in high mineralised ground should I invest in a mono coil I have heard most minelab coiltech coils fit even the whites 7.5 mono aussie addition coil any thoughts on that appreciated also was thinking of the 9 inch coiltech elite coil not to big or the 11 inch coiltech there expensive so would need to know they work on
  4. Steve I've just purchased a tdi with the high q coil and it came with the 7.5 field coil which I think is just a duel coil anyway have only been practising with it and I'm finding the smaller coil seems just as good the fact that the duel coil u can use as a pinpointer as well as the high q only picks up in the centre just a thought I'm new to detectors and going out for a few days soon I feel I should get used to the duel small coil to get the hang of it of course will put the high q and have a go as well but watching YouTube videos of ppl trickling the soil on the coil to pick out the gold w
  5. Thx for the info on battery mods I wish I could just buy the 4 x 18450 battery pack done I would send the nimh pack to get done or maybe could take it to an electronic shop I'm worried I would just stuff it up just another question I have a option to buy a sd 2100 in good condition with new battery and charger with what looks like 2 minelab coils for $900 is this a good price or should I keep saving for a gpx 5000
  6. Hi I have a question regarding all the talk regarding ramping up the amps volts etc on the tdi sl wouldn't good batteries like 8 x energizer lithium batteries add up to 14 volts rather than trying to squeeze an extra battery in there or striping the guts out of the battery pack to put in 4 18500? What about 4 x 14500 which for memory are the same width maybe a tad longer they add up to 15 volts plus I'm not sure any thoughts
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