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  1. Hello. Im new to the forum. I just wanted to say hi. Im from Utah obviously. I have a Wife and a son and a nother little one on the way. The wife doesn't like prospecting that much. But she agreed if I Got her a metal detector shed run the beeper and I could dig. I figured once she starts finding things she'll be far happier and enjoy it far more. We bought the Nox 800 cause I wanted something that i could prospect with. And she wants something she can dig up old coins and jewelry. So we found the best combination. One of the best detectors around in the price range from our research. Gerry from Gerry's detectors told me about this place when I bought a new Equinox 800 from him. He told me this is the place to come to learn and be able to ask questions. He set me out with my first mission. 5 quarters, nickles dimes and Penny's as well as nails. Just to learn the machine. And i bought the swingy thing from Doc to help my wife's back. We just found out she's pregnant and she's going to want something to help her. Doc is awesome and another great help just talking to him for a few minutes he went over a few things to help us out.
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