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  1. That's the problem with these forums is people think.They dont know,they think.Use one and know.
  2. Bugger all the comparisons.The x6 is a class machine i got a 1g at 13in just a slight signal but enough to pull you up. The x6 is the only detector you need it's finding all size gold at unreal depths.The big gold will appear when the 17 in is available.
  3. Pick up the 6000 tomorrow at Coiltek Maryborough🙂
  4. Ha,👍i was under the impression that you guys had a completely different term for powerlines.Derr my bad.
  5. What do you yanks call the overhead wires that carry electricity😏
  6. Once i get my hands on one i'll give you plenty.On the up side it was whisper quiet under the powerlines.
  7. Just thought ide mention that at 8.10 pm aussie time tonight Miners den web show The minelab show will be featuring the GPX6000.It may reveal some secrets.😀
  8. VicR from all the hunting around on the internet and doing the sums it looks like May will be the earliest release date.🥱
  9. There was a video up from the middle east that had the 6 turned on but they took it down pretty quick.The target noise was a very clear crisp higher pitched gpx target sound.
  10. Me as quick as i can get my hands on one😀
  11. Roll on the 6000.I have a deposit down so should be 1st cab off the rank.Wooo hooo.
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