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  1. Have been looking around for some wireless bone conducting headphones. Seems like they'd be good to keep the ears comfortable, especially in warmer months. Anyone seen or used aptX LL models? Got some aftershokz air for a buddy a while back and he loves them but not aptX LL from what I could tell.
  2. Thanks guys, very helpful experiences! Somehow I ended up with a Simplex with SP24 small elliptical. Looked to see if there were any NEL or CORS options but not so far for Simplex. Thinking about keeping the SP24 on Simplex for a small and light dense area detector and CORS Scout / NEL Hunter on Anfibio. That way I can carry both units, use the wireless headphones with either, and just grab the Simplex if needed. Would still consider parting with the Simplex or other things, but it seems hard to beat to have a smaller $200 detector to switch to quickly instead of swapping coils, espec
  3. Bought a new 13x11 x35 coil to use with my XP ORX and have since been playing "musical detectors" - haven't had an occasion to open it up. If anyone is looking for one, figured I'd put it up here. If not, will give it some weeks and see if I end up setting the coil up. Seems like a great size for beach hunting or fields, neither of which are immediately nearby. Looking for 310 shipped, paid 339 just a couple of weeks back. Thanks and HH!
  4. Hey guys, I've been doing some reading on Mars Lion 7" coils to see how they might compare to NEL or others but coming up a bit dry. Saw something about the MARS coils maybe being more sensitive but noisy. I really like the way the NEL are built, as least externally. Would be great to see the construction too, can only hope.. Looking at the Mars Lion, NEL Sharpshooter / CORS Fortune, and maybe the 7 or 9" Nokta Makro concentric for kind of a smaller coil to user in dense areas with an Anfibio. The primary now is a NEL Hunter 12.5x8.5. Really "digging" that one, so much so that I
  5. Thanks all, will check out Gaia GPS. I also had used G Earth a good bit and found that some counties have kml or kmz file export capabilities on their online tax assessor mapping applications which help a good deal with locating boundaries.
  6. More on topic, I have a couple of those aptX LL RX/TX modules and the ones I have specifically don't support LL in TX mode, only RX. May not be an issue on newer ones but figured I'd throw it out there.
  7. There are some small 3.5mm speakers with internal batteries on Amazon and such that I've been looking at for a Deus Lite with stem mount. The better ones state 350mAh and 4-8 hours per charge. Will let y'all know if I end up doing this... will get a short right angle extension cord if I do since the speakers have a plug directly on them which wouldn't put it in a good spot for me if it fits. It'd make for some audio and visual ID without headphones at least.
  8. Got a few of these and they seem nice. Good enough for kneeling pad, snacks, extra coil. OUTJOY Anti Theft Travel Backpack Waterproof
  9. Very cool, have not seen one of those until now
  10. A gent on ebay also makes covers with sun shields / hoods. I may inquire about one of these for the MMK.
  11. Much appreciated. The 4 tone seemed to be a lot more erratic than 3 so I will try some of the tweaks in my soil conditions.
  12. Thanks Steve, that sounds like the best route. I got a hold of Dave Johnson but he also didn't know of a good way to contact regarding Tesoro data. Will see if I can reach the agent sometime this week.
  13. Does anyone have an idea on how to contact the Gifford family or anyone who worked in Tesoro service? Would like to request their service data and schematics. If FB is the only open line of public communication I can try setting up an account. But hoping someone has a contact. Message me if you do and I'll give it a shot to request those details.
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