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  1. Digger Jones

    Minelab Gold Monster 1000 In Mexico

    I like this guy! Wish I spoke Spanish but excitement is obviously the same in any language. The thing just might broken before he even turns it on!
  2. Digger Jones

    Favorite Gold Book

    I would really like to hear anyone's thoughts on their favorite gold book(s). Not necessarily just metal detecting but any aspect of gold, weather it be detecting of, geology of, or historical, which I find really fascinating, but just any favorite books on the subject, from any country and any time, all input is appreciated! Cheers Digger
  3. Digger Jones

    XP Deus Version 4 - Finally?

    Damn! Glad I pre ordered the Gold monster! It's a 8 hour drive for me to decent gold bearing areas. My first time out there I bought a GP Extreme. I still have it but felt like there was a steep learning curve and never felt confident that I was using it properly. With limited time I want something a little more suited to the inexperienced person. Thanks for your help guys😆
  4. Digger Jones

    XP Deus Version 4 - Finally?

    Thanks Scoop! Great explanation. I had a pretty decent idea of what you were speaking about but this explanation makes it much clearer. So this 2.5 reactivity that is being spoke of, I'm guessing would be the slowest SAT speed? So best bet for gold would be to use 2.5 and a slow sweep speed, does that sound right to you? Thanks for your input, much appreciated!
  5. Digger Jones

    XP Deus Version 4 - Finally?

    Hi Scoop, I have been considering buying a Deus but know very little about them and really don't have much experience detecting in general. Would you mind explaining to me why this is a problem. Thanks in advance. I'm a big fan of French roast!
  6. Digger Jones

    Springs Here! Be Careful For Snakes

    That is too cool! Hope he didn't end up on someone's dinner plate. Thanks for sharing the pictures!
  7. Digger Jones

    Springs Here! Be Careful For Snakes

    Lucky guy! Your weather should be here in a few days. Good luck on the lake! Cheers
  8. Digger Jones

    Springs Here! Be Careful For Snakes

    Spring ya it's only minus 22C here in northern Alberta! Only snake seciles! Man I miss the desert!
  9. Digger Jones

    XP Deus Version 4 - Finally?

    I've been wanting an XP for a while now. Impatient as well but figure I'll just wait until the elliptical and V4 are released. Hopefully good things are worth waiting for!
  10. I'm not trying to scare you. I read that 85% of snake bites are between the hand and the elbow and that of those bites 85% were because the person was messing with the snake. I never wore chaps and didn't worry about it in most areas other areas I wouldn't take a step without eyeballing thoroughly. Arizona rule never put your hands in any area that you haven't eyeballed properly, never walk on or near paved roads at night without a flashlight. Never just open your door and walk outside without looking first.
  11. Hi Jen I'm an ex B.C. boy myself so have experience with those other critters of which you speak. In Alberta now but lived in So. Cal and Az about 15 years combined. I think I saw 2 rattlesnakes the whole time I was in the California deserts and saw more than that my first month in Arizona! So I think location has a lot to do with populations. Would be wise to research your area. In Canada I think the diamond back is the only species(There may be others not sure but generally less poisonous than their southern cousins and much smaller populations) I think there are 8 species in Arizona! Including the Green Mojave (A very bad @$$ snake) I forgot to mention one of my scariest encounters was at the entrance to an abandoned mine opening in early spring. They may use abandoned mines for shelter in the winter and start coming out when it warms up. I think the rule we followed in Az was 3 days of above 80 degrees Fahrenheit and snakes start moving again.
  12. Agree with fredmason, I have had some seriously close calls with rattlesnakes and in most every case they didn't rattle! A good pair of snake chaps and tread carefully is your best bet. Be especially careful when going into shaded areas when its hot and when near a water source in the desert. Good luck
  13. Digger Jones

    What's Taking So Long?

    2nd that! On both counts! Who ever would have thought that Hitler could bring a smile to your face😆
  14. Digger Jones

    What's Taking So Long?

    It's too bad with all the new detectors available now and in the near future, I was hoping that Fisher would be in the mix.