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  1. Trust you Marty how bout a call you old dog >grin< ad...
  3. The perfect Gold hunting combination. Minelab GPZ 7000 & 2002 Mercedes-Benz ML270 CDI 5 Cylinders Diesel Turbo Intercooled Luxury MY2002 Sports Automatic >grin< Picked up the 4x4 yesterday Roo bar Led light bar Solar and a sleep arrangement up top and I'm set. ad...
  4. Yeah thanks Steve. I should have made that a bit clearer *Update* Went back as I was curious all night thinking about that hole and ran the 7000 over the same spot pulling out another 5 bits. So absolutely trounced my old record of 2 in the same hole a while back.. I'll take 9 nuggets in one hole anytime Half an ounce so far this trip ( not all from the above ) what will tomorrow bring >grin< Also great to catch up with a couple of good friends. I gave my GPZ 7000 to them for the better part of the day while I went out Roo shooting. Think they had a great time. I know I did smile there's something very primeval about having a high quality boom stick in your hands with a scope that makes you feel one foot away
  5. You Can 'Discriminate' With a 7000? The best discriminator I have found with any machine are my ears being a Beachie. On saying thatI cant prove this but I have a gut feeling the GPZ mark 11 might just have a few surprises leaning that way. ad...
  6. Been working some old Chinese mullock heaps. A first for me yesterday was four small nuggets in the same hole along with 3 tiny bits of wire . My first target was a 0.8 gram nugget which I was fairly happy about except it had the craziest signal. On rechecking the hole I at first thought my GPZ 7000 was playing up cant even describe what I was hearing. So after a restart I quickly realized there was a lot more going on down in that hole. Picture below shows the .8 sorry don't recall which the other 3 where. Also happy to report the Coilcover patch up worked a treat.( picture taken before sanding ) ad...
  7. If your not wearing out a coil cover once a month your doing something Wrong. So Yes I'm a scraper detectorist that rarely lifts the coil. Well true to form. Not more than a month of owning my GPZ 7000 the Coil cover ( skid plate ) Was in need of urgent repair with heaps of holes worn towards the front edge.I can not buy a replacement for love or $$$$ down here in Australia so I did what I always do and used a two part secret mix we use in my business http://www.suresealshowers.com.au/ to patch it while a replacement is on order. however long that takes who knows. Below is what I have done ( first stage )before sanding. Works well with beach coils so cant see why it wont this time. ad...
  8. Quote Whole different subject but I do love my beach detecting - new thread soon Struth I was hoping ad...
  9. Mate every single word you say I completely agree with. I have been a beachie for 15 odd years and night hunt alone which enables me to really get my head into the Zone if you know what I mean. Being new to Gold ( since September 2014 ) and wanting to learn as much as possible I had to team up with several AU guys. To learn the ropes and jeez is there a steep learning curve. Out of a hand full that I teamed up with everyone seemed to get Gold fever or kind of weird about my luck on picking up Gold detecting and doing well so quick. So I know exactly what you mean about (* people with a good attitude. Positive energy and good attitude*) So I have made the decision to hunt alone like on the beach as much as I can it just works win win for me learning this incredible Gold detecting gig. Might add the one guy who is completely different who flew up from South Australia for a few days especially to GPZ 7000 hunt with me described in the above post is everything good about our hobby and a good mate ( he lives couple of thousand miles away ) Just happens to be one of your select group for Minelab . Mark Williams better known as Marksman a Treasure Talk team member like yourself for those that don't know. ad...
  10. . >grin< That's us mate unfortunately. We are on the whole good folks there's just that small element that quite a few of us aussie's ( detectorists ) don't tolerate.We do like a good fight though especially the country boys Here's a quote that maybe say's it better. *NEVER AGRGUE WITH A FOOL! HE WILL DRAG YOU DOWN TO HIS LEVEL AND BEAT YOU WITH EXPERIANCE* aussie
  11. Been copping too much flak on our Australian forums so I'd rather if Steve does not mind just post on this forum from now on. *************************************************************************************************************************************************** I've now owned my GPZ 7000 30 days with 50 odd grams in the hand. Works out at 1.6666667 grams per day. A week of that I was just a tad sick ( really sick that is ) with the flu and laryngitis working flogged areas that are not renowned for large nugs.Trying to learn this beast. I'll take that anytime while I'm still very much a newbie ( 6 months on Gold 15 years as a Beachie ) Also just yesterday was a most interesting time for me everything from hospital ( cut my arm badly on a broken branch needed stiches which I declined as the Doc said I'd have to have the arm in a sling ) to a complete computer crash with heaps of challenges in-between. Wont bore anyone with too much detail but will say I have been out in the field for a couple of days with two GPZ 7000 with a good mate who just happens to be a Minelab treasure talk tester learning heaps. Over half an ounce detected using all sorts of settings between us with far to much laughing and drinking in the evening pub mix. >grin<... After farewells to that hunt the cream on the cake was giving a bit of advise ( and a small nugget ) to a old bloke who was having heaps of trouble stepping up from his GPX 5000 to the ZED. He was so rapped he wandered back about 10 minutes later and literally (* Talk about X marks the spot *) gave me all his maps and pictures where he has pulled a 109 gram and a 89 gram nuggets in the past with many ounces since. Swearing there is plenty more there. So I'm really hopeful on that trip away when I get time and heal up. What a nice guy Ps.... That same old bloke rang me not 3 hours later with the news he and his son had christened his brand new GPZ 7000 with a half grammer his sons first ever. That one call has had me happy all day made my day in fact.. aussie
  12. Thanks mate did not think it was my place to say. Unless I got your ok and boy has it made a difference to where I hunt.. especially the reset when things go pear shaped and the Ground balance procedure ad...
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