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  1. Hi JW, I had a 7000 but I could not swing it for more than half an hour, It felt like I was swinging a piece of furniture. If only Minelab would listen and build a lightweight 7001. After a few motorbike accidents (speedway 500cc) I had a smashed knee, broke my shoulder twice, had a car accident and was in hospital for 3 months, (somebody ran into me) broke my lower arm in 28 places, my R. leg was ripped out of its socket and was laying up near my head, so needed a hip replacement. Then I had a heart bypass in 2012, this year I had spinal surgery. But after all these little operation
  2. Hi Pat, Yes, I am that Hermann, from Drysdale. The owner from Nexus will build a 20" DD carbon fibre coil, and I will be the first one to know when it is available, (so he said). I had a 15" carbon fibre coil a couple of years ago, made in Australia, That one was unusable. So I think maybe the carbon fibre shell of the coil and the wiring inside interfere with each other, but there could be a trick to overcome this problem. Hopefully Nexus will know how to do this. Time will tell. Cheers, Hermann.
  3. Thank you all for your comments. I was in contact with the owner of the company in Bulgaria, I decided to keep my GPX 5000 , however I might buy a 20" DD carbon fibre coil that he is going to build soon. Cheers, Hermann.
  4. Hi there, I am hunting for nuggets in Australia, I've been detecting for over 20 years. Now I'm thinking about buying a Nexus standard MP detector, Does anybody out there have experience with this detector? I would love to hear their opinions. THank you in advance, Cheers, Hermann.
  5. Hi All again, Somebody was not happy with my report on the 12 x 8 Evo coil. However when I get a chance again to try a 12 x 8 production model I will try again, and as I wrote, the coil that I tried was just a prototype, and it may have been abused. Cheers Hermann.
  6. Hi All, I've been loaned a 12 x 8 Evo coil to compare with my 12" Evo round. I placed 2 pieces of gold in the ground, an 0.6gm nugget at 6" deep and an 0.04gm piece at nearly 3" deep , both targets I could hear with the 12" round. With the 12 x 8 I could hear a very faint signal on the 0.04gm piece. The o.6gm piece I could not hear a peep out of it with the 12 x 8. So I did not buy the 12 x 8. I must say that the 12 x 8 was not the latest production model, it was a prototype model coil, this was done with my GPX 5000 in fine gold in VIctoria, Australia. Cheers, Hermann.
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