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  1. Lol! When my dear departed mother first told me apple pie was good with cheese I thought she may need to go to a padded cell for a while until I tried it. It's awesome, especially melted on warm pie. Go Pack go! Don't care much about the Badgers, but if they win the national championship I'll pretend I was a fan all along. I've looked at the V3i and seen some videos of people having a good time and a good day with it. Your post leads me to a rookie question though. A lot of detectors, like the V3i, the GPX series, the CTX3030, and many others, have a box that hangs below your swingi
  2. West-central, about 45 minutes southeast of Minneapolis-St Paul. I live in a rural area outside a small town, and the traffic on the county road past the house is at pre-pandemic levels...everyone is pretty much going about life as normal. I think people are going to do what they want to do on Memorial Day. I don't think anyone will hassle you anywhere you may go.
  3. Awesome. I put a calendar reminder in my phone to check into any news on this after the first of the year, in case I don't stumble into it. The excitement mounts.
  4. "5 key products" is interesting. Does Minelab normally put out predictions like that? And I assume "key products" doesn't mean coil covers, t-shirts, or belt pouches.
  5. That's what scares me. I've read so much good about the Equinox 800 that I feel I may have boxed myself in and will have trouble finding a better option for the detecting I do. That's probably a good problem to have though. People really like and are impressed with the Nox. I am too. Based on what phrunt said, I'm excited for the future, and many times, the anticipation is better than the reality. So for now I'll swing the 800 and see what happens next year. Who knows, I may just settle in and still be using it five or even ten years from now. Who knows what kind of wondrous stuff
  6. I don't like buying things second hand. Except for vehicles, those I buy second hand. Anything else, you don't know if it's been dropped down a mountainside by the previous owner, or in the case of a metal detector, left to bake in the trunk of a car for an entire summer and never quite worked right after that. And there's no warranty. But, I guess the money saved on the initial purchase would cover a lot of repair if there was a problem. Five new products early next year? Hmmm. I think I'll hold off for now, enjoy my Equinox for the summer and see what comes out next year. This is
  7. Hi all. I've been detecting for two years, this actually being the start of my third season. Started with (and still have) a Fisher F44. I liked it just fine, but mere weeks later I started seeing and reading the hype around the Equinox 800, so I ordered one (took three months to get it because they were still scarce at the time). Since I got the Nox the F44 hasn't left home. I have probably 150 hours in on the Nox and I am getting to know it more and more every time out, and I am impressed with its capabilities compared to my only other experience, the F44. Due to life circumstances
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