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  1. Great conversation guys. I like it even though I’m not much of a detectorist
  2. Oldmancoyote may have a point, does look a bit like eclogite
  3. Quite a rig, I'm impressed. Pump is rather high but if it works it must be OK
  4. Gerry, I like the way you took that photo against the sky. Thanks everyone and thanks Steve for your photos and story. Like you said "good old days"
  5. I finally did something with this ugly specimen that I found during a 2004 trip to Ganes Creek. Thought I would put a bail on it and sell cheap. Then I thought about my ultrasonic cleaner. WOW price just went up!! Been wearing it myself at times. Weight 18 dwt, can't find a before photo
  6. Chris, you now have several possibilities and I'll throw in another, covellite, closely related to Steve's idea of chalcocite. What we collect is usually blue but I have seen some so dark it looks black.
  7. Just my opinion, lot of fakery going on with Treasure Quest
  8. Love the Hulk Steve. What is the elevation of the strip?
  9. Very good Steve, I remember the party line. Also started with a 3” dredge bought from your store around ‘79 or ‘80, was on an inner tube. Super Cub on 36” tires best thing out there with a good pilot. I see this being a long story, can’t wait for more
  10. Depending on what you are trying to clean off of it, Iron Out may work from hardware store. Also a bead blaster works fine on quartz, will not damage it
  11. I agree with Steve, the Keene mini in the photo is simple and works great
  12. WOW, just got back to look at this article, will have to spend some hours with it, thanks Marx
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