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  1. Any rock that black I would see it it attracts a magnet
  2. OK Jim, I have been waiting for this. I knew you had some more great writings in you and great photos also. You had another successful hunt. We needed this to wake up this minerals forum
  3. I remember that great piece George, hope you still have it
  4. Great conversation guys. I like it even though I’m not much of a detectorist
  5. Oldmancoyote may have a point, does look a bit like eclogite
  6. Quite a rig, I'm impressed. Pump is rather high but if it works it must be OK
  7. Gerry, I like the way you took that photo against the sky. Thanks everyone and thanks Steve for your photos and story. Like you said "good old days"
  8. I finally did something with this ugly specimen that I found during a 2004 trip to Ganes Creek. Thought I would put a bail on it and sell cheap. Then I thought about my ultrasonic cleaner. WOW price just went up!! Been wearing it myself at times. Weight 18 dwt, can't find a before photo
  9. Chris, you now have several possibilities and I'll throw in another, covellite, closely related to Steve's idea of chalcocite. What we collect is usually blue but I have seen some so dark it looks black.
  10. Just my opinion, lot of fakery going on with Treasure Quest
  11. Very good Steve, I remember the party line. Also started with a 3” dredge bought from your store around ‘79 or ‘80, was on an inner tube. Super Cub on 36” tires best thing out there with a good pilot. I see this being a long story, can’t wait for more
  12. Depending on what you are trying to clean off of it, Iron Out may work from hardware store. Also a bead blaster works fine on quartz, will not damage it
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