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  1. Just my opinion, lot of fakery going on with Treasure Quest
  2. Bob(AK)

    The Chisana Story

    Love the Hulk Steve. What is the elevation of the strip?
  3. Bob(AK)

    The Chisana Story

    Great sketch of the boom dam
  4. Bob(AK)

    The Chisana Story

    Very good Steve, I remember the party line. Also started with a 3” dredge bought from your store around ‘79 or ‘80, was on an inner tube. Super Cub on 36” tires best thing out there with a good pilot. I see this being a long story, can’t wait for more
  5. Bob(AK)

    Cleaning Quartz?

    Depending on what you are trying to clean off of it, Iron Out may work from hardware store. Also a bead blaster works fine on quartz, will not damage it
  6. Bob(AK)

    Home Coming For Steve H.

    Top secret
  7. I agree with Steve, the Keene mini in the photo is simple and works great
  8. Great job Jim in turning loose some of your great knowledge
  9. Bob(AK)

    Petrified Wood?

    WOW, just got back to look at this article, will have to spend some hours with it, thanks Marx
  10. Bob(AK)

    Original Golden Eagle Nugget Find

    I know where that came from
  11. Strange for sure. I have seen some real dark amber and amber is quite soft
  12. Bob(AK)

    Petrified Wood?

    Good chance that is wood. Should be quite heavy and like Steve said, cut a chunk off. If then it is all solid black, you don't see the grain of wood, soak it in Clorox for a week or however long it takes. Sometimes soaking does nothing but usually it will work. Here is an example that was all black. There are small crystals also
  13. Bob(AK)

    Couple Rocks

    Hibby, look like nice Madagascar fossils, good chance that the light materials on your fossils will fluoresce if they are polished. If they have been sprayed with clear they will not. I don’t know what the host rock is but looks man made
  14. Bob(AK)

    Couple Rocks

    Thanks for your help Jim. Yes, my 60 watt short wave cost me $750 several years ago