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  1. 1st day 9 gramer. 2nd day 22 gramer (19gram cleaned) then 3 more days detecting in this area for a result of 0.02g. Still believe there is more hiding. Might have to chase deeper down the gully and flats.
  2. Good replies everyone. I don't know what is worse getting gold straight away then nothing for rest of the day or getting a bit at end of day and having to wait to go back to detect the spot and then spending a day or two only to discover it was just a loner.
  3. Out Bush with Jane and GH. Pulled up at spot. Turned on detector, tuned it in, walked 4 metres. Got a quiet iffy signal dug down out pops 5.7 gram nugget. Not 12 metres from the car. Couldn't believe it, didn't even video it. What a start to the day. By the end of the day still only the one bit.
  4. Thanks for the replies. It has been a few good outings recently
  5. Great to hear from you. Hope to see you get back here
  6. Hi everyone. Been having some fun with the Zed on the gold lately. Here's some Video's hope you enjoy.
  7. A couple more bits from very quiet is that a signal or not.
  8. Hi thanks for the comments everyone. It's a pity I didn't film right from the start but the signal on top was so quiet and very iffy that I thought it might only be a tiny shot pellet or minute bit of gold at the most. But if I'd filmed the whole dig you might have been amazed at the initial signal compared to the end result.
  9. Hi Steve. I use the 8 inch Detech Mono attached to the 4500. All I can say is it is one hell of a coil stable, sensative and very rugged. Has taken a beating bulldozing it under bushes and debris and banging into rocks and still works like new. Punches deep for it's size and has found plenty of nuggets. Ideal in thick scrub or areas where your swing is limited. Score 10 out of 10.
  10. Jen, don't sell your self short. You actually found the gold either by research, gut feeling or both put you in the right spot. The detector and coil only helped in the recovery. PS did you try the earphones.
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