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  1. What he said. I would totally forget about research bla bla. (in the VIC context) Hit the outskirts, the rubbish looking ground - but in known areas. The GT has been done to death, sure if you have the latest detector and are a gun go for it, if not hit the untouched ugly bits. You never know. Shit thats how I met my wife.
  2. Wayback machine. Nothing ever goes away, not even that crap I picked up on the gold coast. https://web.archive.org/web/20191112162839/http://www.billandlindaprospecting.com/handwithnuggets.html
  3. The only thing I would worry about is the batteries. If they are Lithium and you are going to charge them while hot on a system that is cheap and nasty <- dont do that. I wont charge the 7000 bat straight from the car if it's hot and this battery would have all the protections built in. Batteries are expensive suckers.
  4. Here's my thoughts... Pick a main (good) area to target and stay in that area for some time - like months even if you aren't finding anything. Finding gold is hard if you don't know your detector and don't know how to read the ground. You have to do the apprenticeship. IMO moving all over the country trying new areas every day is a big mistake when starting out. Don't be that arsehole who finds a monster nugget on their first few trips - nobody will like you. You need to get detector fit and digging strong, keep easing up on the bungy and eat heaps of lolly snakes.
  5. Hi mate, When you're looking for new areas do you detect the whole time or just when you find a likely spot?
  6. Every time they say corona on the telly - I crack a stubby. Put on 7kg because of this stupid drinking game. The missus is mega pissed. gotta say though - I now love the morning news 🙂
  7. You could buy a lot of sheep with that chunk of gold, and some fancy gumboots, the ones with extra leg room. You know what I'm saying. Anyway, I reckon even in areas not known for big nuggets, there's always gotta be a few around.
  8. Out of curiosity what is the biggest NZ nugget ever found?
  9. Thanks mate, not many big ones around in my part of the world. Lots of 1 - 2 gramies though.
  10. When I first heard it called the "Beer Virus" or "Cerveza sickness" I laughed out loud. Then I started coughing and couldn't stop. Wasn't so much funny then. Yep they were fun to find, the biggest two were literally within 3 meters from where I found my first ever nugget a couple of years ago. The 2nd biggest (5g) was in a tree fork, essentially above mean ground level.
  11. Hi all, Some post bush fire nugs from Gippsland, I went over an old patch just after the fires and before the beer virus lock down. The tree stumps were still smoking when I got these. The biggest is just over 1oz. It's amazing what can be missed with scrub all around.
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