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  1. Sorry to hear of your problem, I had the same code "CD" after using in the water but did not show sign of ingress. Minelab told me to use another coil to test, I did not have a extra coil at the time so they asked me to send coil and control Pod in for service. I shipped both, they replied my Pod was bad and sent me a replacement and my coil back. My CD error code actually disappeared after I did a restart. But then came back with another code and locked up. More than likely your Pod will need to be replaced. Good luck and keep us posted. I do not submerge mine anymore
  2. Glad to receive a email from Whites letting me know Garrett Metal Detectors bought them out. Good direction for Garrett. Love my Whites now i know there is service available if i need it.
  3. Thank Steve! makes me appreciate the $100.00 XLT i purchased in the pawn shop. asking amount was $250.00 but would not power on. While the salesman was busy with another customer i pulled the battery out and saw the corrosion inside the compartment. After i took it home i ordered a new battery for it and found it works like new. When i removed the coil cover it also had sand inside...just a bonus.
  4. Congratulations Chase! that is the wonder of this hobby I enjoy so much, never knowing what you may find and where it is found sometimes becomes a mystery of how it found its way there. We can imagine so many possibilities but we probably will never no the real travel of that coin. Keep searching that area, birds of a feather do flock together. Happy Hunting!
  5. Thanks Chase! That makes sense, I see a lot of beach machines that run the 5khz with the 15khz, such as my Cz20, Cz3d, and I think the new Apex unless I'm mistaken, I suppose those are to make it more stable? If you use a 20khz with a 5khz or even a 4khz would it be less stable, and is the 20khz better for gold? would it be feasible to make a detector that would have several, two frequencies that could be user picked for choice? Such as option one: 5 and 15khz combined and choice two: 4khz with 20khz? my thinking sometimes kind of warped is if 4khz is picking up silver at deeper dept
  6. Received my EQ 600 back last week from repair service, they did not indicate what the problem was but, stated they tried my coil and their coil to test and determined the problem was in the Pod. (note i was getting a CD code then it would turn off, then i got a CD and ER11 code and would turn off)They stated it has been replaced and tested and submerged for water ingress test, passing all test. Due to work, I have been unable to try it out, they just opened up our county beaches Tuesday so maybe when I'm off Monday or Tuesday I can give it a go! I also found a good deal on a 15" coil br
  7. Congratulations on a fantastic find! The gold is there waiting for someone like you to come and claim it. Keep up the nice work!
  8. Thanks Joe for the video! My main beach still closed due to the virus. What the media is not telling anyone is here living on the Texas and Mexico Border is, the hospitals in Mexico are filled with Covid-19 patients and have run out of oxygen. They are letting people that are sick come over and admit themselves to our hospitals. In return our numbers went sky high and wont come down. The hospitals stated by law we cannot refuse service to anyone. Due to my job i am in the emergency rooms where all these sick people are all over the valley and i can see with my own eyes hallways are full,
  9. Sent my Equinox 600 back last Monday. This is the second unit I have sent back. First unit used in the water saw bubbles behind the screen but still worked. got home unit would not power off. recharged unit then tried to turn off again, but would not power off. conducted factory reset and pulled battery as minilab instructed. no difference. sent in and they informed me the power button to be defective. sent me a new pod same day I received the email..wow great service. didn't get to use the replacement due to lockdown. then I was able to get two weeks off of work and go hunting, luck would hav
  10. I had that coil it is fantastic, found more rings than ever...but that was back when everyone and their kids were wearing gold lol.
  11. Ridge Runner, your right i do need to find some of our local treasure. Just need a good storm to pull away the heavy sand. Last hurricane it cut access in half unable to drive to location before sand came back. Will try plan "b" next time. The county keeps closing their entry points i need and if you drive across private property, not posted wich is legal in texas they grab you for driving on the dunes. Its not on the dunes its a well used by everyone trail between the dunes. Border patrol uses that trail all the time chasing human smugglers and narcotics runs. Saw a video of a man using one o
  12. Minelab instructed me to send defective coil and pod to: Detector Center 188 Oak Shade Road Alum Bank, PA 15521 Stephen Reed
  13. I sent a email to service having problem with my eq600. they sent back message send in for repair with return authorization number, Detector Service@minelabamericas.com that was today. 877-767-6522
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