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  1. Good on you Norm. I hope you are up and out and about quickly πŸ™‚ Dave
  2. Good photos Mitchel. I love the look of the country you get to detect in over there. I read about that comet but we don`t get to see this one in the southern hemisphere 😞 and well done getting a bit of gold.
  3. Just recently I have re aquired a interest in using the 19" coil on the 7000. I was at a spot yesterday which was known for big gold in the early days of detecting. Years ago I met a guy at this spot that told me he got a 60 ouncer there with a SD2000. Yesterday I was using JP`s deep gold settings and got this piece on the surface. I moved it on the very first light scrape and the only reason I got it was because the sweet spot of the coil happened to go over it. When I changed over to High Yield I could hear it pretty clearly. Now I want to find the exact opposite to this piece. This one goes 0.03g πŸ™‚
  4. Hey Mitchel. It looks like a natural copper nugget to me. These are two Michigan natural copper nuggets I bought a few years ago and the smaller of the 2 has that same green tinge all over it. Dave
  5. I have never considered taping the batteries, it never occured to me, and that will definately work, but this way has always worked for me. I cut a couple of strips out of a plastic drink bottle, and this solves the problem fine. Dave
  6. I am in shock. I never knew Fred but it was obvious from his posts that he was a very decent bloke. My condolences to his family and friends.
  7. hey jasong. yeh the guy I know that tested the coil in Bendigo said that they are thinner and lighter than the stock 14". He also said that the chip problem has been resolved, but whether that means they don`t need a chip, or they are going to be fitted with a Minelab chip or there is some other solution, I have no idea. I hope the chip problem has been resolved, that`s the only way I`ll buy one.
  8. What a stunning speci Lunk. I have never found one that looks like that.
  9. I think the sky is the limit. Some of the amazing coil designs we have see in the last couple of years, I imagine it won`t end where coil design is now.
  10. I bought this one a few months ago and for 8 AUD they`re not bad. On a 2.8 gram nugget they are spot on and on a 4 ounce weight they are out 0.4gram https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Electronic-Pocket-Mini-Digital-Gold-Jewellery-Weighing-Scales-0-01G-to-200-Grams/183677486390?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  11. Steve, the same guy that told me about these new coils also said that has been taken care of ☺️
  12. One of the coils in the ad on the Nugget Finder site is a 12". I suspect I will be getting one of those.
  13. I spoke to a guy about 4 or 5 months ago that has used one of these coils and he said it worked really well. I`ve been dying to say something on the forum but couldn`t. I`m glad to see they have finally been announced πŸ™‚
  14. Hey Bill. Mate I`m not your weight yet but I`m certainly on my way to getting there. These photos were taken a few years ago and I`ve put on a fair bit of weight since then. I may have a solution that will work for you. I have no idea about Minelab harnesses because the last time I wore one was when the SD 2200 came out. I wore it for about three hours on the first day and since then every detector I have resold the harness was un used. Years ago I happened to score a out of date confined space recovery harness. This thing came with leg straps because it was, well, a recovery harness, but I didn`t need those so I cut them off, and I`ve now been wearing this same harness since the GP3000 came out. The beauty of this thing is it only has the one buckle across the chest. I have always found this harness very comfortable, just above the chest strap are metal rings that join the harness together and I use one of them to connect the bungy for the 7000 and this harness takes the weight of the 7000 no problem. This harness carries everything I might need for the day, the black pouch on my left shoulder has a WM12 in it but I now run twin shoulder mounted WM12`s. On my left hip is a pouch that carried the GPX battery but now carries a snake bandage, fly net and stuff like that. Oh, and in those photos I was recovering a point oner. Dave
  15. I realize this is way off topic and will probably disappear soon, but have any of our members seen it when it`s on fire? Apparently in 2020 if all conditions are exactly right it will be visible at sunset from 19th to 22nd February for about 10 minutes. Sorry Steve, but did you notice how I worked "gold" into the title? πŸ™‚ http://www.bonjourbecky.com/firefall/
  16. Being on the other side of the planet, I have never heard of Nothing AZ so I googled it. Apparently this was on a town sign in Nothing. It gave me a good laugh. πŸ™‚ "Town of Nothing Arizona. Founded 1977. Elevation 3269ft. The staunch citizens of Nothing are full of Hope, Faith, and Believe in the work ethic. Thru-the-years-these dedicated people had faith in Nothing, hoped for Nothing, worked at Nothing, for Nothing."
  17. What an amazing collection Well done Lunk ☺️
  18. How good is that. And good on you keeping the kids interested. A little bit of salt never hurt anybody πŸ™‚
  19. Whats the relative humidity in that neck of the woods? According to this chart if you have a temp of 94 and a relative humidity of 55% it feels like 106, which puts it in the danger category. I don`t handle the heat real well these days and if I added cloudless day and no wind, that would be a killer for me. 😲
  20. Good on you mate. It`s a terrific thing you have done πŸ™‚
  21. I finally got round to panning off the gold I recovered from that Tarnagulla speci I got a couple of years ago and ended up with 13.76 grams out of it. A bit disappointing, I was hoping it was going to be closer to the ounce, but the good news is I got nearly half an ounce out of that piece. the first pic is the Tarnagulla speci, and the 2nd pic is the gold I recovered from it. I don`t have a lot of gold but I have wanted to make a ingot for a long time. I watched a heap of youtube clips about melting gold and then had a go at making a furnace. The first furnace was not a great success and the butane burners just didn`t cut it and then I came up with this one and bought the Bernzomatic TS8000 Torch Kit. Fortunately I had the fire bricks from a project from a couple of years ago and i already had all the tools I needed. If I had a 2 1/4" inch hole saw I probably would have used that, but I had a 2Β½" hole saw so that had to do. One of my friends suggested the the flame should probably swirl around the cauldron so in that 3rd pic you can see I have offset the burner but I saw the heat was pretty well being lost straight away. I drilled a Β½" hole in another block and put it over the 2Β½" hole and that`s when the magic happened. For about the first minute NOTHING happened but then all a sudden a fierce flame leapt out of the Β½" chimney. You can`t see it in the photo but the flame coming out the chimney was spinning like a tornado. I could stand above it and look down through the hole and was able to watch the gold melt. From when I lit the torch to when I poured the ingot no more the 10 minutes passed. 31.74 grams of pieces went in, 31.6 grams came out. My first ingot and I am very happy with the furnace. All I needed was couple of fire bricks, a hand saw, the burner, Β½" drill and 5/8" drill, the hole saw and a cheap gold melting kit I bought on ebay for about 20 bucks.
  22. hey JW, another thing that works if you go back to this spot, I`m guessing you were waving your coil along the length of the root? Change your swing 90ΒΊ and swing across the root instead. You`ll probably find there is no signal. Dave
  23. A trick I was taught a couple of years ago, if you are investigating a signal under a tree root, wave you coil over the tree the root belongs to. If the tree gives a signal you`re pretty safe walking away from the target. If the tree doesn`t give a signal there is probably a real target there. πŸ™‚
  24. So THAT`s why I get signals on some tree roots with the 7000 😲
  25. For those that are interested, I used the 7000 for 5 hours yesterday and the new battery took about 45 minutes to recharge and my "good" WM12 took about 90 minutes.
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