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  1. Chuck, Thanks for the fun contest. Now if I can just find a few more gold rings, I can put that scale to good use. Thanks again !!
  2. Hey Chuck. You have a good source that Minelab is releasing another batch on Monday? I am next in line with my dealer.
  3. There have been many rumors and speculation on how the first batch of Equinox's were shipped to dealers. But, it seems that the first batch received by dealers has now shipped or is in the processes of being shipped directly the customer. What we know for sure is the number of detectors was very very limited. In fact, my particular dealer only received "one" 800....fortunately I am number 2 on his list. The purpose of this thread is not for complaining or bashing shipping logistics. Rather, this thread is for all of us to share information from our dealers on when the second batch of
  4. Crack open a cold one and let out a big sigh of relief : - )
  5. Spot on Redneck !! Like a said before, I will start thinking about my new 800 when the UPS Driver rings the doorbell for delivery. I also found myself starting to get "slightly" worked up about when my Equinox will arrive. Until then, I am going to crack a cold one or two and relax for awhile.
  6. If I remember correctly, around this time during the new year is when you share your thoughts about new detectors that may be hitting the market. I mean come on !! It is the first week in February and nothing from you. I know it has been slow with new detectors lately....nothing from Nokta or White's. Even with some of the other premiere metal detector manufacturers like Minelab....not a peep from you or anyone else. OK.....Sorry Steve I just had to do it....HAAAAAA HAAAAA....I think we could all use a little humor right now
  7. Champ....I agree with you 100%. I am amazed at all the "gossip" and "fake news" that is hitting the net regarding the Equinox delivery. It is down right hilarious what I have seen over the last few days. I.e. Dealer "A" "is only getting "One" detector. Dealer "B" is shipping out pre-orders this week. Dealer "C" has no news about any delivery dates, etc....etc. I for myself will not pay attention to anything regarding my preorder delivery. The only time I will start paying attention is when the UPS driver rings my door bell and say. "Signature required for delivery please."
  8. I will be clicking on the Minelab site today. I think 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time might be a good time to look....wink....wink.
  9. OK Steve....I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I was thinking the same thing when you started this post. Since you said "there is a subtle second message for those who can read between the lines", this is what came to mind. Through the history of all the Equinox threads, you often use words similar to "soon", "with in the next few weeks" or "in the near future". You are clearly do not give a definitive date about the next announcement, but usually within 48 hours, I see new information on the Minelab site. My guess is a major announcement from Minelab is coming "very very s
  10. Hey Mark....I am actually in Southern, CA....but just had to see what time it was in Austria this morning. Am I impatient....no....but like I tell my better half....I am anxious
  11. Steve, I can not thank you enough for your preliminary feedback regarding the equinox. I understand that with your NDA there were some limits of what you can and can not say. However, with what you have provided so far, it is an understatement that there are many of us that feel we have a good start at understanding this detector. As I have said before, If I want the "straight talk" about a detector, I read your posts first !! Thanks Again Steve
  12. Currently it is roughly 5:40am on January 31 in Australia. Maybe today is the day for the official release announcement
  13. Feb. 25th at 10:30 PST. Can't wait for mine to arrive when ever that time is
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