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  1. Hey All, They are in stock here in Canada. One site anyway. $8000 Canadian. -Ed-
  2. Hey All, I posted my one an only post in May and I was looking at potentially buying an ORX or a 800 NOX. My uses would be roughly 2/3 gold 1/3 everything else. Here in Canada the prices are about $100 Can different. I was leaning toward the ORX due to its higher frequency response light weight and simplicity of use. But then life and COVID and closed US Canada border stepped in and I have procrastinated in buying one or the other. Trouble is this has given me more time to think about it. The apparently note I said apparently overwhelmingly underwhelming use of ORX in the goldfields has given me pause. The continued development of NOX 800 has given me pause. Thinking harder about what I want to do has given me pause. For example an ORX in a riverbed (say the kettle in BC/WA) in the water (not deep) some - is this a good idea? Why has the ORX not apparently been well accepted? Lack of water proof? Lack of tweaking controls? Expense of additional coils? Does the NOX 800 absolutely do everything the ORX does plus more flexibility? What? Now I'm wondering if a two detector set up might be better say gold kruzer and vanquish 540 together about $300 more than NOX - certainly affordable. A gold machine and a more versatile than the kruzer from what I can tell machine in the vanquish. Man these choices are confusing... -Ed-
  3. Hey All, Vancouver Island resident here. Been interested in gold for decades ever since working for BLM in eastern Oregon mapping soils and veg types and seeing fine gold in soil south west of Baker. I was told there is a million dollars in gold in the soil on that hill and it wouldn't cost a dime over 10 million to get it out. Who knows if that was true or not but it sure sparked some interest that has lain quasi dormant since then. And then there is the mine close to Baker with lots a gold they say but full a water - too much to pump as it was tried. Yes I am dual US/Canadian citizen and I have lived in Montana Washington Oregon California Alberta and now BC. I have been all over parts of these states/provinces as my background is natural resources forestry and range. I'm also interested in geology and am fascinated by the lake Missoula floods and even the likely theory that the Colorado River once drained into Davis strait off the west coast of Greenland. Sediments apparently say so. All that said I often wonder how much gold is still out there in places maybe not detected based on large scale geologic events? For example could there be gold from the Rockies at dry falls which some estimates say had as much water flowing over it as all the fresh water rivers on earth today? I see all this as a fascinating puzzle and gold as part of it. So I am thinking as I near retirement to add detecting to my list of stuff to spend money on. Course it'll compete with lever action rifles and guitars and photography my other main vices. As you can guess my interest in detecting is about 2/3 gold 1/3 coins jewelry etc. I do have my eyes on one of two detectors NOX and ORX but definitely not based on any real world experience of any kind. Much more expensive than those not currently in my budget. I look forward to participating here. -Ed-
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