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  1. So..... I was detecting this old abandoned home site..... Didn't ask permission for 2 reasons one it was way out of town middle of no where and 2 the lot was locked in a trust with no information I knew how to find to ask. Being in Arizona with open land everywhere and no "no trespassing" signs I figured I was good. About an hour after I got there a guy rolls up in a 4x4 truck and asks me who I was and what was I doing there.... Stupid me got defensive told the guy I'm detecting and who are you to care.... Turns out he was the owner.... I figured I was in for it now. I apologised and told him I would leave. He then proceeded to tell me to keep detecting and come back anytime, keep anything you find, and to send him pictures of anything interesting that comes up...... So for that site has given a few good buttons and some wheat pennies. I don't sell anything I find gold nuggets, coins, rings they are all saved. And although I don't sell stuff, if a property owner would want any percentage of my finds I wouldn't detect that area. My bad attitude if about to come out..... Finders keepers lol. Two exception would be if someone asked me to look for something, or if there is a first and last name on it I would Google the name and make an effort to contact.
  2. I looked but couldn't find it in the mud/clay. I figured I would go back today with a bucket and exchange some dirt and pan for it. I think it will be a red heart shaped ruby.... hopefully.
  3. Well got out last night for an hour before dark. I was only digging targets 10 and under on the equinox. After about 20 minutes I had this 14k ring it was about 4 inches deep and a solid 8 vdi. This is my second gold ring from this area.
  4. I toss mine in my cheap ultrasonic cleaner with tap water.
  5. I have found some very small gold with my 800 in places I went over already with my gold bug 2. That being said if I were buying new and strictly a gold hunter I would buy a gold machine it's what they are made for and they will do a better job. But in your case the nox it's a good choice. It's an awesome coin/relic machine and is very good at small gold nuggets. Since your looking for a number I would say 90% of a gold monster if you get the 6 inch coil for the nox.
  6. Well I got back to Payson where I found a few silver coins a couple weeks ago. I stumbled over another silver quarter with my equinox 800. Funny thing is it's the same year as the other quarter I found. 1961... This place has now given up a war nickel, 1968 half, and two 1961 quarters. This hunt also gave up a live .38 colt NP I thought was pretty interesting.
  7. Thanks guys. I hit that same place hard today nothing good. I have found more silver that wheat pennys now.... 3 to 4 lol Oh I bought 530 dollars in halves today.... Not a single silver.....
  8. Got 3 more silvers today in Payson Arizona. 1961 quarter, 1968d half, and 1943s war nickel. I also found a 1941 nickel... My oldest coin yet.
  9. Yes the chain is brass dogodog. Thanks guys! I was mostly looking for a buffalo but not disappointed I didnt get it done. If gold rings pop out when I look for nickels I won't be disappointed not finding a buffalo ever lol.
  10. I hit the same park again today. Decided only to dig targets 11-14 and anything over 22 I scored a 14k men's gold ring. It came in at a solid 13 on the nox. By far a good day in the Arizona desert lol
  11. I got a equinox 800 last week and my first two hunts i got nothing good. Watched you tube til I found the end of coin shooting. I made adjustments and bam one 1943 mercury dime, some wheats a 1967 peso and a cool brass button that reads California Highway Patrol. The picture I took sucks sorry about that. Whats the best way to clean these guys up? youtube is all over the map....
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