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  1. Thanks! Haven't been back to the place I had the issue yet, but I did take this all into account and visited a place I've been a few times before that has some noisy spots and plenty of junk This helped a lot. I used the 6" coil, was able to ground balance with no issues, then noise cancelled pointing at the power lines. Machine was stable and quiet, and I picked up 30 coins - majority were zinc cents - but I did find a small ol der sterling ring right by the sidewalk. Success!
  2. Sorry if this should be two different posts. Both these issues popped up yesterday at the same site. In fact, the front of the property had a section with overhead electrical wires, a sewer drain in the street past the sidewalk, constant chatter in all-metal, and chatter in both Park 1 and Park 2 despite noise reduction and attempts to ground balance (may have been EMF, as chatter reduced away from the lines). I'll return with the 6" coil, but this seems like something proper knowledge of settings could ameliorate. I'm less than 6 months with the Nox. Ground Balance I do better when I ground balance, but what do I do when I can't find a signal free area in all-metal to perform the auto ground balance routine? Should I attempt to manual ground balance? Or set to zero? Working around sidewalks Loud response from sidewalks - sometimes from a foot and a half away all along, or in intervals. I've tried swinging parallel as well as perpendicular. Sometimes the effect is reduced with the 6" coil, but not always enough. Should I be reducing sensitivity? Any general tip for the Nox around sidewalks? Thanks In Advance!
  3. I had a merc last week at an inch or less bouncing from 21 - to 24. And I've seen deep wheats (in nice shape) read into the 30's, but usually there's iron close by.
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